Tottenham Supporters Face Expulsion and Banning Orders at Chelsea Game If They Chant Yid Army

The controversy over whether Tottenham Hotspur supporters should or shouldn’t sing their “Yid Army” chants will come to a head tomorrow during the London derby against Chelsea at White Hart Lane.

Tottenham and Chelsea have warned supporters that the Metropolitan Police will be adopting a zero tolerance policy towards any form of abusive or offensive behavior or chanting. In particular, the police will be monitoring for anti-semitic abuse. Offenders will be ejected.

That means there’ll be no tolerance for “Yid Army” banners or chanting by the Tottenham Hotspur supporters. The Tottenham supporters, many of whom call themselves the Yid Army, will have to decide whether they’ll stand up for their principles or avoid singing their typical chants in order to avoid being ejected from the stadium and facing possible banning orders from football grounds.

Tottenham has a large Jewish following, and have been on the receiving end of abuse from football supporters for years. So many of the Tottenham fans call themselves the Yid Army, as a badge of pride, helping to diffuse the power of the word as an insult.

However, the opposition to the term Yid Army has been gathering steam lately, based largely on the campaign by Jewish soccer fan David Baddiel. The irony is that Baddiel is a Chelsea supporter. And it may be tomorrow’s match between Chelsea and Tottenham where the controversy will come to a head if Tottenham fans bring their Yid Army banners and make the Yid Army chants.

What’s your opinion? Should Tottenham Hotspur supporters stop calling themselves yids? Or should Spurs fans stand up against the authorities and use the yid nickname as a badge of honor?

12 thoughts on “Tottenham Supporters Face Expulsion and Banning Orders at Chelsea Game If They Chant Yid Army”

  1. The game’s at White Hart Lane, not the Bridge. Therefore there’ll be about 30,000 Spurs fans singing it, rather than just a couple thousand

    1. It’s far from speculation. The article includes links to the warnings that were posted on the Tottenham and Chelsea websites.

  2. Mate you need to learn to read. The statement on the Spurs website says “They have made it clear that this includes the use of the Y-word under certain circumstances – we should, therefore, like to ask all fans to be mindful of their use of this term.”
    It has already been established that Spurs supports sing Y-army is neither racist nor abusive. The Met Police and have already stated that Spurs supporters singing this will not be prosecuted, backed last week by the Prime Minister. They know the law is all about intent!

    1. What is “They have made it clear that this includes the use of the Y-word under certain circumstances” supposed to mean anyway? Talk about an ambiguous statement. Many people consider the term anti-Semitic. So what are those certain circumstances when it’s allowable?

      While the Prime Minister said he had no problem with Spurs supporters calling themselves the Yid Army, he was stating a matter of opinion not law.

      1. TO directly quote DC “You have to think of the mens rea. There’s a difference between Spurs fans self-describing themselves as Yids and someone calling someone a Yid as an insult. You have to be motivated by hate. Hate speech should be prosecuted — but only when it’s motivated by hate.”

        and tis article from the mail neatly sums up the MetPolices view point:

  3. REALLY tired of this one but, ah u no what? cant be bothered! Lets just turn the that racist mob from fulham over tomorrow. Coys YID ARMY yid army YID ARMY yid army!

  4. As every spurs fan knows we are YIDS, we aint racist,they wll never beat the YID army, it is, and always will be part of spurs,if that crap so called comic baddiel dont like,dont turn up,without skinner he would be nothing anyway.

  5. Will the police arrest a Jewish person for calling himself a Yid, I don’t think so.
    The word is sung without hate of malice, so as the PM says it is not a racist song especially in the circumstances above.
    Foolish comment/actions just don’t sit right.

  6. We can call ourselves YIDS but if the Chelski scum do it then they’ll be ejected and rightly so – watch for the hissing and ban them all from the next away games if they really want to make a stance… We aren’t being insulting to ourselves by chanting stuff about us now are we??? If anyone else chants it at us or sing about Auschwitz/hiss now thats a comletely different story…

  7. Yid is considered offensive word and everyone including spurs supporters must obey the rule. There’s nothing honoring to degrade themselves by calling yid. By alienating themselves as yid, they make themselves ‘different’

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