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Luis Suárez ‘Has Damaged’ Liverpool’s Brand, Says Managing Director: Daily Soccer Report

luis suarez1 Luis Suárez Has Damaged Liverpools Brand, Says Managing Director: Daily Soccer Report

What is Liverpool Managing Director Ian Ayre thinking?

Luis Suarez has just completed a 10-match suspension and returned to action last night. And now that he’s back and that episode is over, the Reds have finally gotten a chance to wash away the Suarez storyline and to focus on the rest of their season. But Ayre speaks up in public and brings the Suarez story back into the spotlight again by saying that the Uruguayan striker has damaged Liverpool’s brand.

How is that helpful to Suarez, Brendan Rodgers, the club or its supporters? It’s counterproductive.

Ayre was speaking at the Sport Industry breakfast in London, where he said this about Suarez’s past at Liverpool:

“Any types of incident of that nature are damaging to the brand.

“As a footballer, he’s a street fighter, he’s a larger-than-life character.

“Nobody is condoning any bad behavior but it’s just something you have to deal with. He is what he is, he is the character he is, and we have to try and harness that.

“We are very much an institution and we base ourselves on family values, and when your kids are naughty you tell them off and you try to teach them the error of your ways. It’s no different.”

The timing of this speech by Ayre is awful. What is he thinking?

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13 Responses to Luis Suárez ‘Has Damaged’ Liverpool’s Brand, Says Managing Director: Daily Soccer Report

  1. Dean Stell says:

    Things like this remind me of the line in Soccernomics where the authors were talking about the management of football clubs and said something like, “They are more poorly run than your local hardware store.”

  2. Frank says:

    True that Suarez has damaged the Liverpool brand but the club’s pathetic performances over the last few years with no Champions League football has hurt more. Suarez could be a serial killer but if Liverpool were winning trophies their brand would not be hurt much at all.

    Unfortunately for Liverpool the brand is going to suffer for much longer with Rodgers in charge as hasn’t made a difference to their fortunes at all. At least with Daglish who was consered a failure by the owners he got them to win the Carling Cup and they were in the FA Cup final. With Rodgers they haven’t even reached the round of 16 in any league competition they’ve been in. I wonder how long it will be for the owners to realize that Rodgers isn’t all that he is made out to be.

    • Ryan M. says:

      He’s only been our manager for one full season and 5 matches. We’re a much better squad than when Roy or King Kenny 2.0 was managing.

      • Jason says:

        The squad maybe better but the results aren’t. Except for the Stoke match where Liverpool dominated, yet could have drawn, they haven’t been that good and their two other wins over Villa and United could have had a different result. Yesterday Liverpool played their strongest team and United rested some of theirs yet Liverpool lost.

        Even Liverpool’s so-called tiki-taka style promised under Rodgers hasn’t materialised with more clubs outpassing them. Rodgers may yet come good but he hasn’t shown anything so far to suggest he’ll be able to get Liverpool back among the elite. If you were to list the top 10 managers in the league right now, Rodgers would not be on that list.

  3. Mufc77 says:

    I’ve never read such crap as that article about Liverpool being primed to surpass Man Utd.

  4. brn442 says:

    I’m sorry Gaffer, whilst the timing isn’t optimal. Your headline and what’s quoted, are out of context.

    Your headline implies Aye said Suarez the person, has damaged (which ironically is true.)

    When actually – per the quote below. Liverpool’s managing director was specifically referring to Suarez’s past “incidents” and “behavior”

    There was a time when this club never aired its dirty laundry in public, those days are long gone.

    • Christopher Harris says:

      The headline is taken from The Guardian, which is the theme of each Daily Soccer Report that includes the top headline of the morning.

      Even though Ayre was focusing on past incidents and behavior, he still said that it has damaged Liverpool’s brand.

  5. Frill Artist says:

    Well, he is a racist so there’s that…

  6. Harry says:

    Talented players regardless of who they are who have a reputation for being controversial or disruptive rarely hurt a club’s brand.

    At the end of the day it’s all about winning or losing that determines a club’s brand, like it or not.

    As soon as Liverpool start winning again and get to be among the elite clubs then their brand will improve.

    Mr Ayre should be more worried about Liverpool not being among the elite clubs in the world at the moment and if the present situation at the club with Rodgers and his staff plus players are good enough to get them back to the top. Winning cures all.

  7. rkujay says:

    As a United fan, I am no fan of Liverpool. But I have always had respect for their history and fabulous records. However, their sterling history and relevance as a top club have indeed been tarnished by the actions of this boy. It has further been tarnished by Liverpool’s failure to cut him loose after his first or second time in the sin bin. Mr Ayre should be concerned with the lack of action he or his manager took with this reprobate.

  8. Gary says:

    [The timing of this speech by Ayre is awful. What is he thinking?]
    Clearly he wasn’t thinking.

    Liverpool have never been the same since they were sold by their English owners. The brand has taken a hit for their many missteps, infighting between owners, owners and manager at odds, Suarez’s actions, to name a few.

    Add to that a club still struggling to get back to their glory days and the brand isn’t as exciting anymore. Even top players now routinely turn down the opportunity to play for Liverpool. Also the club isn’t able to compete money-wise. While Liverpool are trying take small steps in improving their squad the other clubs at the top keep spending to attract the best players. Spurs are now clearly above Liverpool in the pecking order. I don’t see the brand getting more attractive anytime soon.

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