Interview With Mystery Tromso Fan Who Pulled On Arsenal Shirt At White Hart Lane [VIDEO]

The mystery of the girl who pulled on an Arsenal shirt at White Hart Lane during last week’s Europa League match between Spurs and Tromso has been solved.

The girl’s name is Lena Mari Edvardsen. She’s a Tromso supporter, and traveled from Norway to London to watch her team play. But she’s also an Arsenal supporter. During the match last week, she had a feeling that Tromso were going to lose, so she decided to show off her Arsenal shirt to the Tottenham Hotspur supporters. And a photographer happened to be in the right place at the right time to capture the moment (pictured above).

From then on, she became an Internet sensation as the mysterious girl who was brave enough to show her Arsenal pride in the cauldron of White Hart Lane.

She’s been a mystery up until now, but here’s a video interview that reveals how it all happened, and unearths a lovely personality from a sweet Norwegian girl who’s a Gooner at heart.

H/T Off The Post.

5 thoughts on “Interview With Mystery Tromso Fan Who Pulled On Arsenal Shirt At White Hart Lane [VIDEO]”

  1. She states “I didnt mean to make big tension out of it” are you kidding? if you watch english football you know Tottenham an Arsenal are rivals. She did it to wind up Tottenham Supporters. For christ sake your team lost so support your real team and take it on the chin rather than trying to wind up other fans just because your team sucks.

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