Mario Balotelli’s 100% Record of Scoring Penalties Ends After Pepe Reina Saves No. 27 [VIDEO]

Mario Balotelli’s perfect record of never having missed a competitive penalty has come to an end. After not missing any of the 26 penalties he took for AC Milan, Manchester City, Inter Milan and Italy, Balotelli’s record was finally broken today when Napoli goalkeeper Pepe Reina saved penalty number 27.

Balotelli is regarded as one of the world’s best penalty kick takers.

Here’s what Manchester City goalkeeper Joe Hart said about his amazing talent:

“He’s got this mad ability where he doesn’t need to look at the ball. If you don’t move he kicks it in the corner; if you do move he kicks it the other way – it’s almost impossible to stop.”

Here’s the penalty kick that was saved by Reina today:

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