3 New Options for Everton Crests Unveiled [PHOTOS]: Nightly Soccer Report

Earlier this year, after launching a brand-new club crest, Everton faced a backlash from its supporters who were upset that the club removed their Latin phrase and unleashed a new crest without consulting the entire Everton supporter base. Everton made a quick U-turn and said they would only use the new crest for this season, but then opened up the process of finalizing a new crest to the fans.

The club have now unveiled three choices. Voting will begin tomorrow. And one of the three crests will be selected as the new club crest to be used from next season on.

Which of the three do you prefer? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

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15 thoughts on “3 New Options for Everton Crests Unveiled [PHOTOS]: Nightly Soccer Report”

    1. A looks horrible on the shirt, while C looks better. But to be honest, the current new crest they’re wearing now looks the best of the bunch despite missing the Latin motto.

      1. Couldn’t disagree more, A is extremely similar to the crest they recently changed from, just fixed the colors on it and a couple of other minor differences. But hey, to each their own. Perhaps we can agree that B is an abomination?

  1. Not an Everton supporter but I personally prefer C, then A, then B. Think Crystal Palace did an excellent job of redesigning their crest, unlike this year’s Everton shambles.

    Also the article from the Mirror is intriguing – I’d love a night-time World Cup. Not that FIFA are likely to use common sense, but nonetheless.

  2. A and C both quite classy. B, like this year’s crest, reminds me too much of something you’d see on the side of a police cruiser.

  3. A definitely the best, but lacks a little bit in sense of quality that C has due to the shading of the blue for the 3dimensional look. Id still choose A, classic appearing, but think the shieldwoyld look even better with graded shading like in C

  4. “A” by a long shot! Classic and well done. DO IT!

    “C” would be my next choice, but I like the old school crest styles and this one seems too new. Any team could have that one.

    “B” is too stylized and is definitely the ringer.

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