Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 5: Open Thread

Here’s the schedule of today’s matches:

Saturday, September 21:

Norwich vs Aston Villa, 7:45am, NBC Sports Network
Liverpool vs Southampton, 10am, NBC Sports Network
Newcastle vs Hull, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
West Brom vs Sunderland, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
West Ham vs Everton, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
Chelsea vs Fulham, 12:30pm, NBC Sports Network, mun 2

Before, during and after today’s matches, post your rants, raves, questions and observations in the comments section below.

44 thoughts on “Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 5: Open Thread”

  1. Off out on the lash this afternoon with no Stoke game today. I’ll be in the Lymestone Vaults giving their Ein Stein a good going over.

    Norwich V Villa is a good needle match now given the Lambert connection. He seemed to have the measure of them last season though I think their opening day victory will not keep the Villa fans from grumbling much longer.

    Be interesting to see how West Ham and Chelsea fans take it today if Everton and Lukaku rock up at Upton Park and turn it on.

  2. So far this match is everything I could’ve hoped for from an early game. Two teams who really need the 3 points and are going for it!

    1. Yep, a shot that hit the post, a penalty save plus end-to-end action. Aston Villa’s defense doesn’t fill me with confidence. Norwich will score.

  3. This was a pretty good first half. Agree with the earlier post about Guzan – he must have cut down a good half the angle on the penno.

  4. good 1st half up and down one second the Canaries are on the front foot then Villa is running wild.well worth the early rise.

    i am sure your sleeping off your Friday evening your Lions are running wild at Charlton 0/1 to the Lions.promotion is just around the corner.

        1. Completely different squad with him in there. Can really beat anyone in the world with him in. Without, you’re under serious threat from anyone.

          Just about can’t stand to watch these anymore. Back in the day you’d just expect to get battered so there was only upside to it.

          And as to Milwall, in truth I would LOVE – undeline, repeat LOVE to see them get promoted. Good god the media would just go into paroxysms every single day behind that happening.

    1. Jesse Lindgard’s performance is stunning. He’s only made 5 substitute appearances for Leicester before. Hope he’s on a goal bonus.

  5. It looks like an unintended byproduct of Liverpool going with 4 centerbacks is that Sturridge has been pulled out to the flank at times. He looks good but I think he is more effective in the middle of the park. Let’s see if BR makes changes at the half.

  6. Minolet is showing is showing again, his poor decision making.

    Aspas, who did not have a decent match on Monday, should have never started.

  7. Second change confirms the 4 centerback idea was a mistake. Liverpool have been forced to burn two changes before the hour mark and good chunks of posession were wasted by the benign presence of Sakko in the wide areas. Maybe Jose Enrique is not totally 100%? It is hard to explain the starting 11 otherwise.

  8. Wow – if I were new to the sport I would totally want to be a Southampton supporter. And not just because Pochettino is a 99.9% lookalike for my cousin Dan. Much credit to them in continuing to take it to Liverpool even when up by one.

    Great stuff by Lovren at both ends today.

  9. Any particular reason Liverpool went with 4 regular cbs with Enrique and Kelly on their bench. Didnt watch the game so trying to make sense of it.

  10. Brenda gets it all wrong again. When will people realize that Everton have the better manager in Martinez and will finish above Liverpool again. What an awful performance to match the awful lineup by Liverpool. They will struggle to get into the top 6.

    What a great win by Everton. Bringing in Lukaku and McCarthy at halftime swung the game in Everton’s favor. They play a lot better passing game than their cross park rivals.

    Terrific win for Hull. Just when everyone thought Newcastle had turned the corner they lose at home.

    How long before Sunderland fire Di Canio? At this rate they will get relegated before January.

    1. I agree that BR is way overrated and he tried to be cute by underestimating Southampton and playing 4 center backs. These are the games Liverpool have to win to stand any chance of being in the Champions League. Sadly I think they will miss out again. The owners missed the boat when they overlooked Martinez. Even with all the changes in players and a new manager Martinez is doing better than BR did when he started the season with Liverpool last year.

        1. Yes, Everton have the much better manager and that’s why they will probably finish above Liverpool even if they have individual players less talented.

          Martinez has already got his team playing well and in less time than it took Rodgers to get his first win last season.

  11. Just like last week(Southampton-West Ham) NBC choose to show a poor quality game (Liverpool-Southampton). Instead NBC decided not to show Newcastle-Hull or WHU -Everton, both far more exciting games.

    Makes me wonder if NBC has some type of preference for Southampton?

    Tomorrow NBC chooses to show Arsenal-Stoke on TV instead of Crystal Palace-Swansea which I think will be a far more competitive and exciting game.

    I really dislike NBC’s use of Extra Live (for so many reason – too many to list). I ‘ve posted it before and I continue to feel the same – hate FOX Soccer for a number of things but one thing they did do well – show replays and show many more games on TV.

    Not impressed with NBC.

    1. In hindsight, of course it makes sense to choose other games. Let’s see how Crystal Palace-Swansea does tomorrow to see if that’s a better match to show on CNBC than Arsenal-Stoke.

      NBC shows replays too. Check their TV schedule. But they’re not a 24/7 soccer network like FOX Soccer who, as we both know, are out of business.

      1. Yup FOX Soccer is out of Business and FX1 has screwed up CL but NBCsn could still show those games played at same time later just like beInsport does which is a sports network but still manages to show replays and other games later on “Television” not the Internet for a 15 ” to 17″ screen. Sorry Christopher you’re not going to convince me that NBC use of Extra Time via stream (poor too as buffeting is continuous)to show other games is better than what Fox Soccer did or what BeInSport does. And as I’ve noted before, NBC and Comcast won’t even put games in SD for ON Demand. They only have replays and other games in HD. Oh wait I’m sure everyone has and can afford HD services too just like in this day and age everyone has a DVR too. Silly me. Maybe I haven’t made enough sacrifices to afford HD and a DVR.

        1. NBC Sports Live Extra is not better quality than FOX Soccer 2Go yet, but I’m sure they’ll work on improving things.

          While we love Premier League soccer, NBC Sports has rights to plenty of other sports so, for example, today they showed other things after soccer including college football, America’s Cup and a MLS game. What do you want them to do? Throw away all of the other rights they’ve paid for just to show replays of EPL games? BTW, they have a replay of an EPL game on at 9:30pm ET tonight.

          NBC can’t win. If they showed games in SD to satisfy people like you, then people with HD would complain.

          I’m sure you could find a way to afford the $10/month HD fee from xfinity if you really, really wanted to.

          1. Then NBC shouldn’t have bid for EPL.

            And no I can’t find or afford $10 per month. Funny Comcast is able to have SD and HD for all their other On Demand programs.

  12. I don’t know about you, but I simply loved watching Newcastle-Hull City and West Ham-Everton — two excellent matches. Very entertaining and full of action.

  13. Hopefully that will bring the Liverpool fans back down to earth.
    Talk of getting CL was funny enough but those talking of a title chance were hilarious.

  14. LFC found out today, fortunate v stoke, swansea and Manure

    So LFC fans really believe they’ll win the league or even finish top 4? no chance, 7th at best.

    4 centre backs LOL,

    Minulet easily the best signing for LFC…kept it 1-0

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