UK Retailer Says That Arsenal Mesut Ozil Shirts Are Outselling Gareth Bale Shirts 5 to 1

A UK sports retailer recently reported that the Arsenal shirts with Mesut Ozil’s name on the back are outselling Gareth Bale Real Madrid shirts by five to one.

A representative from the UK sports retailer said:

“While it would be untrue to say there is not an interest in Bale shirts, our sales data shows he is being significantly outsold by Mesut Ozil and is not attracting the same level of attention generated by Neymar when he transferred to Barcelona earlier in the summer.

“Bale’s talents as a footballer are undoubted, but he has never been one of our bestselling Premiership players, with supporters preferring the likes of Wayne Rooney, Robin van Persie, Steven Gerrard and even Fernando Torres.”

Bale may have set a world-transfer record, but it’s Ozil who’s garnering more interest in shirt sales in the UK and worldwide.

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6 thoughts on “UK Retailer Says That Arsenal Mesut Ozil Shirts Are Outselling Gareth Bale Shirts 5 to 1”

  1. Whoa a guy that plays for an English club sells more shirts in England than a guy that plays for a Spanish team. Call me surprised.

  2. Haha, nice the fact that Ozil, is the first world class player in the prime of his trade, the club has signed in over a decade, helps.

  3. Silly claim. Of course he’s gonna sell more shirts in the UK, anything else would be a shocker.

    Get some stats for worldwide sales, then we’ll talk.

  4. So Ozil, playing in the EPL, is selling more shirts in the UK than Bale who plays in Spain, how surprising. So if you’re a Real fan you have like what 7 to 10 world class players to choose from, would you purchase a Bale shirt straight away over a Ronaldo or Benzema shirt (players who have proven themselves in this league as champions)? I thought not. However, if you were an Arsenal fan and there’s only 1 world class player to choose from whose it gonna be? I put it to you that Bale would have sold more shirts this year had he stayed at Spurs rather than going to Real. Every single Spurs fan in the world would’ve bought one ….. amounting to £87M, one more £M than his transfer fee haha!

  5. Why would the fans in the UK buy shirts of a player in SPAIN?

    Why don’t we look at the numbers of shirts sold in Spain? I would be willing to bet Bale’s shirt would outsell Ozil by way more than 5 to 1.

    I love Ozil but this is a strange argument

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