José Mourinho Says: ‘I Don’t Like The Way Chelsea Have Played For Two Years’: Nightly Soccer Report

Jose Mourinho is the master of the blame game. After three defeats on the trot for Chelsea, and the worst start to a Premier League campaign in ten years, Mourinho is blaming everything from the playing style and lack of maturity in his squad rather than taking the blame for his poor starting lineup selections and unwillingness to give Juan Mata a key role in the team.

Mourinho said today during his Chelsea press conference before tomorrow’s 12:30pm ET game against Fulham:

“I don’t like the way Chelsea were playing the last couple of years; the club doesn’t like it and we want to change,” he said. “We want to play a different style. The past is history – even my past. I’m here like I’ve just arrived.

“I know the steps I have to take; when you want to build something different, the players are adapted and comfortable – it is more difficult.

“If you want to do something different and the results are not good, there will be question marks.”

Could we have another situation where the sudden changes made by Mourinho to this Chelsea side have the same impact that Andre Villas-Boas’s changes had on the Blues when he was manager?

Mourinho may not have liked the way Chelsea played in the past two years, but in that time, Chelsea won the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League — two trophies that Mourinho was unable to win with Chelsea during his first stint as manager at Stamford Bridge.

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6 thoughts on “José Mourinho Says: ‘I Don’t Like The Way Chelsea Have Played For Two Years’: Nightly Soccer Report”

  1. Mourinho is good at cutting corners to achieve things. Historically, he’s been going to well established teams who didn’t need to be built from scratch. Obviously, Porto is an exception here but Chelsea, Inter and Madrid were all full of world class players before he stepped foot in their stadiums. Now that this is not the case it will take time for him to make a squad capable of challenging in all fronts. It even looks as if the players Chelsea have brought in over the summer haven’t had his stamp of approval before being pursued. So he’ll have to do some fast maneuvering over the January transfer window to sort out this squad who’s underachieving. Rafa did a better job last season without getting support from the Chelsea fans so the heat is definitely on Mourinho to deliver this season.

  2. Mourinho won’t win anything with the players he has. He is trying to force Roman to buy him certain players he likes. Expect Mata, Torres, Ba and a couple of others to be sold in January for two new strikers and a midfielder.

    Mourinho sent a clear message to Roman when he played without a striker at United and has not played Mata much. He has already used the media to criticize Mata’s play.

    Would love Fulham to beat Chelsea on Sunday for the crisis to reach Syrian proportions. Please God, do us a favor :-) .

  3. Mourinho doesn’t like the way Chelsea’s been playing the last couple years, eh?

    Well I don’t like the way Mourinho has been managing (and acting) for the last ten years.

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