Japan’s J-League Switches to Two-Stage Season in Bid to Boost Fans And Revenue: Daily Soccer Report

Japan’s J-League has decided that it’s going to switch to a two-stage season in a bid to boost fans and revenue. The two-stage season, similar to the apertura and clausura for many Latin soccer leagues, the Mexican league and the NASL, will begin in 2015.

The change has been forecast to boost revenue by $10million.

J-League chairman Kazumi Ohigashi said:

“The growth in average attendance at J-League matches has stalled and the public interest in the league is on the decline. It is an urgent task for us to study and implement measures to further promote the J-League. We aim to have many people interested in the J-League and further expand its fan base.”

According to Inside World Football, the format change comes as J-League average attendances have fallen to 17,566 per match from their peak of 19,202 in 2008.

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