NBC Scores Record 917k Viewers For Everton vs Chelsea Match On US Television

NBC Sports achieved their largest viewing audience ever for a Premier League match last weekend when 917,000 people watched the September 14 12:30-3pm ET broadcast of Everton versus Chelsea live on the over-the-air NBC network, according to Sports Business Daily.

The 917,000 viewing figure beat the number of viewers who tuned in for the opening Premier League match on free-to-air NBC on August 17 when Swansea played Manchester United (with an average viewing audience of 792,000). Plus, the Chelsea-Everton viewing audience figure is the fourth highest ever for a Premier League match on US television. The record is 1.67million who watched the game shown on tape delay between Liverpool and Chelsea in 2011.

In contrast, 536,000 people watched the August 26 broadcast of Manchester United against Chelsea (live on NBC Sports Network on a Monday afternoon, beginning at 3pm ET). More stats regarding the opening weekend of Premier League viewing audiences can be found here.

The next game scheduled to be shown on the free-to-air NBC network is September 28 when Arsenal travel to Swansea. This weekend, meanwhile, the 12:30pm ET game will be shown on NBC Sports Network (view the TV schedule here).

The viewing figure for the Everton against Chelsea game is very impressive, and shows that interest is growing in the sport, league and NBC coverage. It’s also testament to the hard work and focus on attention to detail that NBC Sports has been striving to achieve.

Here’s our video showing a behind-the-scenes tour of NBC’s studios in Stamford, CT, on a recent Premier League Saturday:

6 thoughts on “NBC Scores Record 917k Viewers For Everton vs Chelsea Match On US Television”

  1. Great news. NBC’s professionalism will show a slow and steady growth in viewership. I hope they continue the course.

    They’ve done an outstanding job of listening to what football fans want in the states.

  2. They mentioned there would be more access /player profiles like the MLS 36…

    Espnfc sux, it’s never on, the fox product is poor.

    NBC should do a nightly football round up, even if it’s only 30/60 mins.

    While NBC coverage has been great but it’s not enough. It’s like the BPL us forgotten until Friday night.

    Analysis! People! Tactical & coaching insight with a chalkboard show or something.

    MOTD has been enjoyable, but there could be more, coverage.

    There is a huge opportunity! C’mon NBC, what about a “key moments” show like you do for NFL.

    What about a weekly 90 minute show (2hr total, 30 min for commercials if you want) that is a “this week” for your club?

    Or yes a football phone onin / interactive show after the last games of the day. A chance for fans to react to the days football, or maybe on a Tuesday for 90 mins to react to that weekend & Mondays football and preview upcoming weeks?

    An interactive show can work!!!

    Just don’t use the men in blazers for anything.

    1. ESPNFC is pretty good, but too short should be 60mins. As for it never being on its on at 5:30pm on weekdays and 12:30am on Monday. The only time it wasn’t on at 5:30pm was during the US Open Tennis Tournament.

  3. They got these numbers and the lead in program was a kids show. It was pretty funny sitting in the pub and all the TVs and projectors were showing some childrens show waiting for the match to come on.

  4. Terrific stuff. I have people in my office who until now had zero interest in the sport saying they watched some of the game last week. It just shows you. Put a quality product out with no BS or gimmicks and people will watch.

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