Manchester United Targeting Lucrative US Market For New Revenue: Daily Soccer Report

Manchester United have set their sights on the United States as a market that is ripe for new commercial deals to bring the club millions more dollars to pay off their debt.

Manchester United Executive Vice-Chairman Ed Woodward said:

“The US market is under penetrated. It is a very big media market, the most developed sports market in the world.

“But we don’t want to deals that are quick and wrong, that tie us up and we regret afterwards.

“We believe there has been an inflection point from 2010-11 when interest levels in football have increased.

“In the last three years the number of people watching Manchester United has gone up by between 30 and 35 per cent each year. NBC reported peak viewership for our game against Chelsea last month was the biggest weekday afternoon audience since the Olympics.

“It is moving away from being a niche sport and into the territory of competing with some of the top sports in the country.”

What commercial deals can we expect to see in the coming years between United and US companies? Feel free to share your irreverent suggestions in the comments section below.

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11 thoughts on “Manchester United Targeting Lucrative US Market For New Revenue: Daily Soccer Report”

  1. Of course the US is a large, rich and largely unexploited country from a soccer standpoint. I DO wonder what they’ll do to capture this market that they wouldn’t already be doing.

    I mean, the goal is to have the Manchester United brand become popular in the US so that you can sell your shirt sponsorship for more money and also get companies competing to be The Official US Potato Chip of Manchester United.

    The key to doing that in America is the same as doing it anywhere else: WIN and play interesting athletes. Maybe that is another reason why they kept Rooney?

    I’m not sure what else they would really DO to become the preferred EPL team in the US. Most US fans are going to become fans of one of the big clubs anyway.

  2. Interesting that Man U are taking the fact that the record midweek viewing figure v Chelsea was for them. As we saw last weekend with the record Chelsea v Everton viewing figures it is Chelsea that are the biggest draw.
    Biggest midweek a game featuring Chelsea
    Biggest so far on NBC a game featuring Chelsea
    Biggest on US tv a game featuring Chelsea

    See the common denominator?

    1. Just a lot of hot air. How about Man Utd just do something instead of blowing loud and hard about “planning”.

      Man City went out and got themselves a shiny new MLS franchise and a nice little partnership with one of the premier franchise in Major League Baseball. That’s proactive.

  3. I see it is silly season here, Gaffer you might need to euthanize a couple of these folks as they are obviously deluded and losing their marbles.

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