Liverpool’s Philippe Coutinho Ruled Out of Action Until End of October With Injury

Liverpool have suffered a setback after Philippe Coutinho has been ruled out until the end of October due to a shoulder injury.

Coutinho sustained the injury in Liverpool’s 2-2 draw against Swansea on Monday night.

According to the Liverpool club website, “After being assessed by the Reds medical staff, it’s been decided that Coutinho will now have surgical stabilization on the AC joint in his shoulder.”

Liverpool’s next match is Saturday against Southampton at 3pm BST/10am ET. For viewers in the United States, the match will be shown live on NBCSN and NBC Sports Live Extra.

6 thoughts on “Liverpool’s Philippe Coutinho Ruled Out of Action Until End of October With Injury”

  1. We’d like to thank Liverpool FC for participating in this season’s Premier League. Pick up your commemorative “we coulda been a contenda” t-shirts on the way out.

  2. He has been marked out all of the games this season so the team shld be okay as long as Joe Allen or Alberto or Aspas step up to a decent level.
    plus right or wrong Suarez is back after this weekend.
    the biggest miss against Swansea was Glen Johnson not PC.

  3. @ Owen: “Joe Allen or Aspas?” Really?

    @Sucka: Liverpool has a #7 about to come back – with Sterling and Moses as options. Coutinho will not make or break Liverpool Football Club.

    1. know what you mean that why i said “decent level”…plus with Suarez to come back and even if he plays at 50% LFC attack will be leathal.
      my biggest worry is fullback cover to Johnson…attack’s just kept breaking down when it went to Wisdom.

      1. I’m hoping Kelly soon returns to the fold. He can do the job at RB.

        Also, I’d like to see Alberto get a shot. I’m not sold on Aspas. He appears to have the touch of a …

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