Monday Night Football With Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher: Ashley Young ‘Diver’ and Scholes vs Gerrard [VIDEO]

Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher returned to their regular slot on Monday Night Football on Sky Sports tonight.

According to World Soccer Talk reader Pete Q, he describes tonight’s episode as:

“Again, MNF on Sky Sports is must see TV. They always end the show with questions from Twitter. A fan asked the question: Who are your #1, #2, #3 between Gerrard, Lampard, and Scholes.

“Carragher went with Gerrard, Lampard, followed by Scholes.

“Neville wouldn’t be dragged into ranking the players. All he said was that Scholes was the best player he ever played with…and he’s played with everyone. He also said that he hates questions like this because all three players are so different.

“The debate was really fantastic.”

In addition to the debate about Scholes vs Gerrard vs Lampard, Carragher and Neville also discussed Ashley Young’s dive from the weekend match against Crystal Palace.

Watch the videos below:

23 thoughts on “Monday Night Football With Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher: Ashley Young ‘Diver’ and Scholes vs Gerrard [VIDEO]”

  1. Our coverage in the US has improved 110% but when you see those 2 clips it makes you want more.great analysis on the diver Young.

    1. Young is a disgrace. Even the actual penalty was a dive. Retroactive punishment is the only way to combat these cheats. Referees are too inconsistent in the heat of the moment. Better to watch it in slow motion later and then dish out the fines, point penalties and match bans.

        1. One yob does not equal all Millwall fans, though I agree it is getting harder and harder to defend them with the chav scum element.

    2. Agreed, I believe without Gary Neville Sky would lose a lot. But still Sky is the best channel in the world in regards to analysis. But in terms of coverage and analysis, I have to repeat again that Aljazeera is the best in the world, having seen Alan Shearer, Ruud Guilt and Peter Reid in the studio makes you want just to sit and listen to them. And for Champions League football ,they got Gary Lineker as their presenter. Top notch all around.

      1. Definitely can’t argue. I had Al Jazeera #2 on my list behind Sky. But it’s really close.

        I’m not sure how many people in the states have actually seen Al Jazeera’s match coverage. It’s really solid. The pregame, halftime, post match analysis is great.

  2. Thanks for the acknowledgement, Gaffer.

    Couldn’t agree more with jtm371.

    NBC is doing a great job. But Sky is on another level. The Carragher-Neville union has been a stroke of genius by the execs at Sky.

  3. Anyone who needs to think about which of those three players was the best should just give up in life.

    Maybe if England played to Paul Scholes strengths instead of playing him out of position just to accommodate Gerard and Lampard they wouldn’t have gone so long without running anything. England selects players on reputation but the top countries select the best players for the job regardless of which club they play for and that’s why they are successful.

    1. Scholes was alright but he was not the complete midfielder. For a start he could not tackle to save his life which made him an automatic yellow card.
      Secondly, he was surrounded by good players. Gerrard has had no help for most of his career. Of the three, I’d say Lampard has had the most impact all things considered.

        1. What do you expect, Scholes has always gotten the “alright” from people who are ABUs because he is not a loud mouth and always let his footie do the talking. I suggest people just Youtube Scholes passes and then come back.

  4. The league definitely needs to call all managers together and say diving is cheating, and when your team scores on a penalty kick because of a dive you have cheated your way in to getting a goal. If football is to really take hold here in the U.S. that is something that is going to have to be seriously addressed. I LOVE the sport, but diving is embarrassing.

  5. US viewers can get every game live thanks to NBC Sports, UK viewers can’t get every game live but have better punditry due to Sky.

    We can’t have it all and i’m okay with that, but damn Carragher and Neville are just brilliant in-studio, i wish we had something similar to that in-studio with NBC.

  6. Sky posted another video from MNF.

    This was another discussion from earlier in the show. Neville questions the English mindset when it comes to “good” defending. He said players like Luiz and other South American born players are leading him to question it.

    Carragher says that players like Luiz, drove him crazy because they would “bomb” up field to attack.

    Another great discussion. I was really glued to every word they said on Monday. It was such a good show.’t-want-to-play-with-luiz-–-carragher

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