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Howard Webb Will Referee Manchester City vs Manchester United Derby: Nightly Soccer Report

howard webb Howard Webb Will Referee Manchester City vs Manchester United Derby: Nightly Soccer Report

The referee for this Sunday’s Manchester derby has been decided, and it’s going to be Howard Webb. That means that neither Manchester City nor Manchester United supporters will be satisfied as they both will argue that Webb favors the other side.

Hopefully Webb will be referee a good game so that the main talking points are the match itself, not the officiating.

Here are tonight’s world soccer news headlines:

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26 Responses to Howard Webb Will Referee Manchester City vs Manchester United Derby: Nightly Soccer Report

  1. Mufc77 says:

    No worries SAF will be in touch with Webb to sort out the fix before the weekend arrives.

  2. jtm371 says:

    let the howling commence.i think MUFC has been awarded a penalty.

  3. Evan says:

    I tried the World Cup Simulator website and got interesting results.

    Group F

    Ivory Coast

    That group would be crazy.

  4. Michael says:

    Webb again? Then let him dress up in United’s jersey

  5. Adam Heap says:

    The story about Barry doesn’t surprise me at all. How City let him go and kept Garcia is beyond me. Barry remains underrated by the higher-ups at City despite his crucial involvement in City’s title win.

  6. R.O says:

    A little of topic (sort of). Just noticed that Fox will not be showing Napoli-Dortmund game on Fox Sport 1. It will be on Fox Soccer to Go or Fox Soccer plus. What a joke. Last year’ CL finalist not on main channel? I also notice that since Fox Soccer is now gone, Fox only shows two of the days CL games on regular TV. No highlight show either. This really ticks me off.

    It’s just getting worse. I’m not to thrilled with NBCSport not showing replays of EPL games (have to watch it on crappy streaming internet) now Fox is screwing up the CL.

    Soccer coverage on TV has taken a giant step backwards. Sad.

    • Christopher Harris says:

      NBC shows some EPL games in replay. Check the TV listings.

        • Christopher Harris says:

          Hardly, yes. But they do. R.O. said that “NBCSport [is] not showing replays of EPL games,” which is not true.

          NBC Sports Network is not a 24/7 soccer network, so they’re not going to be able to show replays of games like we were accustomed to on FOX Soccer. If you want to see replays, record the games on your DVR and watch them that way.

          • Pete Q says:

            They replayed Stoke-City this morning. And Everton-Chelsea yesterday.

            • Christopher Harris says:

              Thanks Pete! The complainers need to look at their TV guides.

              NBC also showed Spurs-Norwich and Everton-Chelsea on Sunday morning.

          • Br|an says:

            Christopher you have your rose tinted NBC Universal glasses on. I don’t have a DVR therefore what R.O. stated rings true for me.

          • R.O says:

            I don’t have a DVR. Comcast charges extra for it and off the shelf ones (non Comcast) don’t work. Additionally, NBCsport does show on Comcast On Demand replays – BUT (and it’s a big BUT) only in HD. Again extra cost to get HD. Why not the SD version (I know “everyone has HD – NOT)

            Now Christopher maybe you have the extra means to afford all the bells and whistles – but some of us can’t. I’m not in the 1% class or even in the 25% class.

            Now you point out the NBCsport isn’t a 24/7 soccer network, well neither is beIN sport yet they show La Liga and Serie A replay games throughout the week.

            It seems NBCsports would rather show Shark Hunters, a lot of deer hunting and outdoor shows and minor league Baseball then replays of EPL games or games they didn’t show live that were on Extra Live, and don’t even get me started on NBC Extra Live issues (horrible buffering)

            For Game coverage of EPL NBCsports is worse than Fox Soccer. To be clear I’m only talking about game coverage not the other issues that Fox Soccer had.

            • Christopher Harris says:

              A DVR from Comcast is $8/month. Trust me, I’m not in the 1% class or 25% class either, but I sacrifice things to afford $8/month for a DVR.

          • Br|an says:

            What’s ridiculous Christopher is your argument that everyone should have a DVR in this day and age. Are you serious? To be quite honest you sound like an elitist snob. I pay for the channel and if I feel I’m not getting to watch the same amount of matches on TV as I did before I am perfectly within my right to talk about it. No one blamed NBC Universal for not having a DVR. Your statement is simple minded and only reinforces the fact that you are ultra-sensitive to any criticism of NBC Universal.

          • Br|an says:

            Oh dear you really keep putting your foot in your mouth Christopher. Pointing out the fact that a DVR is only $8 a month as if that is nominal fee for some.

            You completely miss the point. Viewers/customers would like to see more replays on TV. Get over yourself and your blind allegiance to NBC Universal.

            • Christopher Harris says:

              It’s not blind allegiance. It’s common sense. So you can’t afford $8 a month to get a DVR to record any of the 380 live games that Comcast/NBC is showing this season? You just seem to want to complain.

              Besides, I’ve been pretty critical this past weekend on a few balls they dropped. I call it as I see it.

          • CTBlues says:

            Would guys like some warm Brie and fruit to go along with your wine? You’re lucky you can watch any soccer at all. NBC probably is getting better ratings with Shark Hunters and Deer Hunters and guess what they need to pay the bills so they can put all that soccer on TV in the US. Just because the games aren’t on at times that convience you doesn’t mean NBC is doing a bad job.

          • Br|an says:

            You just keep missing the point Christopher. Two viewers/customers voicing their opinion that they would like to see more replays. A DVR would be nice to have and would solve this problem however I don’t have one along with many others. Contrary to what you think or your Huffington Post article – not a standard piece of equipment in the average home.

            Your arguments have revealed a very distasteful side of you. I would liken it to that of an over privileged snob. Unfortunate.

            CTBlues – cheese with our wine. Hilariously original.

            • Christopher Harris says:

              Brian, I’m expressing my opinion. You’re expressing yours. There’s no need to call people names just because I don’t agree with you. That is unfortunate.

    • Br|an says:

      Completely agree with you R.O.

  7. oma chukwuma says:

    we’ve got great players and we are the champions so we will win in to nites game.

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