NBC Launches Premier League Matches On Demand: Today’s Matches Are Now Online [VIDEO]

NBC Sports followed through on their promise this weekend to make the broadcasts of the Premier League available on demand via the web.

It’s messy, but all eight matches today are now viewable online. The messy part is that the links to the videos are hard to find (we only found them because one of our readers happened to come across a blog post on Pro Soccer Talk). Plus, it’s messy because there’s a scoreboard above each of the games listed below, so unless you’re very careful, you may find out what the final score is as the game is loading.

It’s better than nothing, but hopefully NBC Sports can integrate it into NBC Sports Live Extra and to find a way to remove the spoilers from the pages where the on demand games live. Plus, we’d love to see the games available on tablet and smartphone versions of NBC Sports Live Extra in the future.

Here are the links to the on-demand matches (for US viewers only):

Manchester United vs Crystal Palace

Sunderland vs Arsenal

Tottenham vs Norwich

Fulham vs West Brom

Aston Villa vs Newcastle United

Stoke City vs Manchester City

Hull City vs Cardiff City

Everton vs Chelsea

Thanks to World Soccer Talk reader xsellers for the news tip.


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