Emmanuel Adebayor Asks Tottenham for £1m Pay Off to Quit the Club: Nightly Soccer Report

Emmanuel Adebayor has asked Tottenham to give him a £1million pay off to leave the club after being banished to the reserves, according to a report in Metro newspaper today.

Adebayor is interested in leaving the club and joining Queens Park Rangers or a club in the Middle East as a free agent. But Tottenham would need to cancel his contract. Plus Adebayor wants a £1million payout.

What a waste.

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8 thoughts on “Emmanuel Adebayor Asks Tottenham for £1m Pay Off to Quit the Club: Nightly Soccer Report”

  1. Just turned on the Telly after a hard days golfing and Rob Stone and Gus Johnson are back doing college football. Does this mean Gus has been demoted or will he still ruining the champions league next week?

    Looking forward to some match of the day.

      1. Lomas is a dead man walking. He has lost the fans and it can’t be long before he loses the players. Expect he will get a vote of confidence this week and be gone the next. Good riddance. Brought in a load of journeyman rubbish to replace the rubbish left by Jackett.

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