Watch the Preview of NBCSN’s Newest TV Show, ‘Premier League Download’ [VIDEO]

NBC Sports Network (NBCSN) debuts a brand-new Premier League TV show tonight at 9pm ET entitled Premier League Download.

NBC describes Premier League Download as exploring “what it is that’s so intensely loved — and loathed — about England’s top flight league. Long-time supporters will enjoy the lively commentary, while new fans will learn the language of the only league that matters.”

30 Rock actor Judah Friedlander will also be featured in the show.

Watch the 4-minute preview of the show:

I still can’t find anyone who can tell me who Football Four Eyes is. Has anyone ever heard of them on either side of the Atlantic?

7 thoughts on “Watch the Preview of NBCSN’s Newest TV Show, ‘Premier League Download’ [VIDEO]”

  1. Most of these mugs had never heard of football before Euro 96. Baddiel and Skinner have a lot to answer for.

    All a bit VH1 for me. And less than a minute of Rebecca so far.

  2. I finally had a chance to finish watching the first episode of Premier League Download.

    My thoughts? It was watchable, interesting and definitely catering to new fans. But the show was blinded by its focus on the big six clubs.

    Where was the love for Stoke, West Brom, Cardiff, Hull, Swansea, West Ham and the other clubs outside the top six? There’s more to the Premier League than just Man United, Spurs, Arsenal, Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool.

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