MLS Expansion: Miami is One of Three “Spoken For” Expansion Sites: Nightly Soccer Report

Miami is one of the three “spoken for” expansion sites that MLS Commissioner Don Garber referenced on Wednesday, according to a report tonight in the Sun Sentinel newspaper.

According to Garber, three of the four MLS expansion teams have been spoken for, to be added between 2015 and 2020, which will expand the league to 24 teams. The other two cities that are spoken for are believed to be Orlando and Atlanta.

But before soccer fans in South Florida start giving David Beckham high fives in anticipation of an announcement between now and the MLS Cup game, I have some reservations regarding the news. Even though I live in South Florida and would love to see MLS return to my area, the stadium issue is a concern. South Florida is a sprawling metropolis that includes four counties. If the team is to succeed, it needs to find a home that’s easily accessible by commuters from the three main counties — Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade.

If Beckham and friend (and possibly co-investor/partner) Marcelo Claure make a mistake by putting a Miami team at Florida International University, the new MLS franchise is doomed before it even gets off the ground. That location would shut out soccer fans from Broward and Palm Beach counties who wouldn’t visit the stadium in large numbers due to how far the stadium is from the north.

If Miami is one of the three “spoken for” markets, let’s hope Beckham is getting advice and doing his homework from others instead of just Claure.

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5 thoughts on “MLS Expansion: Miami is One of Three “Spoken For” Expansion Sites: Nightly Soccer Report”

  1. Go ahead MLS. Do it again. Blatantly disregard the history of professional soccer in southeastern Florida. Try to reinvent the wheel for the 9th time.

    But unlike 1998, this time fans will have a choice. They can overpay at the gate and at the parking lot for a manufactured club at far-flung FIU or cavernous no-atmosphere Sun Life, or they can support a club with history, one that actually means something to people in this area.


  2. I guess it would be nice to see them somehow work with the Strikers.

    I see what Chis is saying about the sprawling nature of south Florida. I think that’s generally what cities are like outside of the northeast: They sprawl. They could put the stadium in such a place that fans who appear to have a “local MLS” team actually have a multi-hour drive to get to the games.

    However, it is stories like this that show how early it still is for soccer in America. Imagine if the conversation were around placing ONE or TWO clubs in London and trying to pick the best locations such that everyone would have convenient access… It doesn’t work that way and folks in London obviously decided they didn’t want to trek to games and formed a ton of clubs. Ideally….South Florida would follow this model and it would have as many clubs as people there would support. But….we’re obviously not there yet (not even close).

  3. More than a few concerns about the tone of this declaration.

    Why they don’t address the issue of Chivas and ensure what they have is strong before moving on, I don’t understand. They could find a new home without tapping into the markets they wish to exploit for expansion fees. St. Louis (stadium issues, but those issues are everywhere) would be a logical spot and enhance rivalries with Chicago, Columbus and KC.

    The optics of this are really, really bad. If “spoken for” means that these potential owners have, head and shoulders above, proven they have the right stuff to lead MLS into frontier territory, then OK. But that language sounds more like MLS is going to pound square pegs into holes, regardless of shape or size.

    MLS has made a lot of gains in the last 5-10 years, but if they’re not careful about this, it will blow up and arrest a lot of growth. They’re not strong enough a league to cock this up.


    1. Have to agree that MLS has to establish a Midwest rival City. St. Louis fits the bill so well as you point out.

      I would like to see Chivas sent over the winter to either Tampa Bay or Orlando. Then with the other 3 sites you can put a second team in Florida, one in Atlanta and another in a western city of the US or Canada.

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