Washington DC and Providence Are Top Markets for Watching EPL On NBC and NBCSN

NBC Sports shared some interesting numbers today. Out of the 17 times when Premier League matches have been shown so far this season on NBC and NBCSN, Washington DC and Providence have ranked among the top 10 US markets 13 times over the first three weeks of the season.

Hats off to Washington DC and Providence for being super fans of the English Premier League.

Here’s the list that NBC shared:

# of times market in top ten (17 games to date)
  Washington DC 13
  Providence 13
  Richmond-Petersburg 11
  San Fran/Oakland/San Jose 9
  Baltimore 9
  Buffalo 9
  Orlando 9
  Seattle 8
  Tulsa 8

19 thoughts on “Washington DC and Providence Are Top Markets for Watching EPL On NBC and NBCSN”

    1. Exactly I don’t think people appreciate how hard it is getting up to watch a game at 4:45am or the game coverage at 4am on a Saturday morning.

      West coast gets no love…everything is east coast driven.

  1. One thing i wish NBC would address is the massive gaping whole left by fox soccer news.

    It’s not that I miss fox soccer at all, but the nightly hour long update of all things football at 7pm west coast and again at 10 pm was very nice to have.

    Espn FC fluxes based on whatever madness they have going on.

    I know that NBC sports is not just about the BPL but the hunting shows and the damn shark show on all the time means that I don’t watch NBC sports nearly as much as I would if there were more palettable content…

    Obviously I would prefer a daily 30-60 mins recap of all things football, but at least something else, wher is the epl version of MLS 60?

    I do love the quality of the BPL content on NBC, there just needs to be more IMO.

    West coast 10pm – midnight doesn’t effect the crazy shark lovers or dear killers…as its past heir bed time..(hopefully).

    Replay a game, or create an analysis show or profile show…something,anything other than what’s on already, I’m sure more will watch it than the dear hunting shows.

  2. As a former New Yorker (currently living in DC), I’m very disappointed with my NYC people.

    New York! Where are you on this list!?

  3. If i am remembering correctly TimeWarner is the major cable company that is behind all the others in adaptation on ExtraTime/liveextra programming so that is probably hurting the NYC numbers since live online is the only option for people in NYC. also there are a large number of new yorkers that do not have cable so nbcsn’s numbers overall probably stink.

  4. Agree that the quality has been outstanding on NBCSN – I’ve watched NBCSN more in the last 2 weeks than the previous 5 years (ok, excluding an occasional Tour De France stage)…..

    I’ve actually starting watching a few of their MLS features and have been impressed with those as well.

    I do miss the Fox Soccer Report more than I thought I would – ESPNFC and Fox Soccer Daily focus a bit more on the commentary than the core news and highlights.

    Also – love the new Match of the Day programs Saturday and Sunday night – Looking forward to this weekend so I can get my premier league fix…..

  5. I feel like the NYC crowd goes to the pubs for matches. I’m never sure how you can account for 50-100 people sitting in a pub at 8 AM. Now that I have access to all the matches I’m less likely to go out but it’s certainly a lot more fun to be in a crowd to see the games.

  6. This list is utterly perplexing to me. Some of these markets I can completely understand (DC, Bay Area, Seattle.)

    But Buffalo? Tulsa!?!?!?! Who knew?

    Might have to do with what Christian said in that in some places people like to go to pubs for matches. Was always like that in Boston when I lived there.

    Probably not a lot of bars in Tulsa where you could go and ask if they could put on the Juve-Sampdoria match or whatnot. You’d certainly get some strange looks, I’d think. (Or am I completely misjudging Tulsa?)

  7. The DC area is pretty diverse, so I’m not surprised it and Baltimore are up there. Orlando isn’t either- it smashed the record for a USL final last weekend and probably will end up with an MLS team in the next few years. Tulsa and Providence are a bit of a shock to me though…

  8. A Time Warner rep informed me that Extra Time will not be launched in their Midwestern markets for the “forseeable future”. Apparently they feel that markets like Columbus have no interest in the EPL. Certainly reflects in these numbers.

  9. I was one who was in the habit of watching FSCs soccer report nightly whenever i had the time available. I have found the next best thing is to record espnfc’s daily show and then watch it at the same time the fsc show used to be on.

    The production quality is higher and I like the variety of pundits although none will be the equal of a Gary Neville any time soon…

    For me if i want to watch futbol when I’m available, without FSC its all about what I record ahead of time.

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