Incredible Scenes of US Soccer Fans Celebrating 2-0 Win vs Mexico Including US Players Chugging Beer [VIDEO]

There were two victors Tuesday night in Columbus, Ohio. The first was the US men’s national team who coasted to another 2-0 win on home turf against Mexico, ensuring that the United States of America qualified for FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil. The other victor was, without a doubt, the US soccer fans.

The stereotype about US soccer fans worldwide is they have no idea what fandom is, that they’re plastic and sit in the seats all game, or the only chant they know is “USA! USA!” But stereotypes are made to be broken, and Tuesday night was a perfect example of how the US soccer culture in the United States is growing rapidly and how strong it is. You’d be hard pressed to find a better atmosphere at an international soccer game anywhere on the globe yesterday than the one at Columbus Crew Stadium in Ohio.

Congratulations to the United States men’s national team on qualifying. But congratulations too to the US soccer fans and the American Outlaws supporters group for putting on an incredible atmosphere that help lift the US team to World Cup 2014.

Here are a couple of choice videos from last night that sum up the incredible fan base that is United States soccer, including one that shows what appears to be US soccer players dancing with fans and chugging beer. They deserve it!

Dos A Cero: USA goals from the supporter section:

U.S. Soccer Team celebrates World Cup bid by dancing & chugging beer with fans in Columbus:

21 thoughts on “Incredible Scenes of US Soccer Fans Celebrating 2-0 Win vs Mexico Including US Players Chugging Beer [VIDEO]”

  1. An amazing night. Legends here in NYC was packed to full capacity and we nearly blew the roof off when the first goal was scored. Dos a cero!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hold up. Stop the ignorance. First off, U.S. fans still have no clue what Ultra’s really mean an thier supporters group does not live up thier name. It seems as though they should be reminded what a “outlaw” really is before taking on the name. Most chants were ones that we have always heard from the fans around the world before the game got popular here and the only one I heard them chanting that was new coming from U.S. fans were “When the Saints Go Marching In”.

    Get clever. Why not chant about the Mexican players past about partying with prostitutes.

    Second of all ” You’d be hard pressed to find a better atmosphere at an international soccer game anywhere on the globe yesterday than the one at Columbus Crew Stadium in Ohio.” . Go to South America. I am postive you will find better support there than you will in the U.S. yesterday

    I hate to rain on yall’s parade but…..this article is just full of ignorance and sillyness.

    1. Chris, between Friday and yesterday, I watched dozens of games from around the world and I can’t think of one that had a better atmosphere than the USA-Mexico game I saw last night at Columbus. Club soccer in South America may have more passionate fans, but I didn’t see it at the national level yesterday or Friday (including South America).

    2. I watched 2 South American qualifiers yesterday….

      Ecuador – Bolivia which was played in front a stadium maybe 1/4th full.

      And Uruguay – Columbia which was sold out in Montevideo at La Monumental…

      The atmosphere in Columbus was equal if not better than the Uruguay-Columbia match.

      Not to mention the Brazil friendly the weekend before which again was played in front of thousand of empty seats….

    3. I see “blah blah Ultras” and vague demands that unless USMNT supporters get crude or violent, they’re nothing.

      Sounds like Chris is the one speaking from ignorance. This obsession with hoolies is the product of a mind that hasn’t matured. Doing stupid S#!% and calling it “support”? Nope, it’s just an excuse to do stupid S#!% and not take personal responsibility.

  3. Hey Chris, the chant you heard is actually when the *Yanks* go marching in and it’s been a staple at USMNT games for several years. Perhaps it’s your comment that’s full of “ignorance and sillyness.”

    1. Exactly!

      also The original ‘When the Saints Go Marching In’ is American. The European clubs have been using an American song.

  4. I honestly thought the Uruguay-Colombia match was infinitely better as far as matchplay and passionate fans are concerned.

    How else do you compare either of the U.S. goals to Cavani’s header that made Uruguay go apesh*t.

    In an unrelated note, 62,310 fans was at Gillette Stadium for the Brazil-Portugal friendly that was concurrent with US-Mexico.

    1. I really enjoyed watching the Uruguay-Colombia match, and those were great goals, but the atmosphere in a large bowl gets lost compared to a small and intimate stadium like the one in Columbus.

    2. Th attendance for the Brazil match shouldn’t surprise anyone. They always draw massively in the US, particularly in the Northeast, where there are a lot of Brazilians (and Portuguese).

  5. WIth all due respect to Columbus and the matches in South America,

    USA vs Panama in Seattle had a better atmosphere than all of yesterday’s matches.

    Louder, more fans, more creative songs and chants sung by the whole stadium (not just a few supporters groups behind the goal).

  6. All that foolishness for what? To barely make it through the group stage and be knocked out in the round of 16? No thanks. You people should celebrate like that when you actually have a team that can challenge. Dont be fooled. This team wont be challenging for the Cup….

  7. Geez…..the negativity…..

    I will say that I was sitting at the other end of the field from the guys in that top video and I that was the “tame” end of the field. Our end was hopping and was enhanced by a few Mexican fans who had leaked into the supporter’s section and *needed* to be taunted. (non-violently).

    But as for being unoriginal: “USA ain’t nothing to f___ with.” probably not something that was stolen from England, nor was “I believe that we will win.” I know that soccer has taken “I believe” from basketball, but when that get’s rippling around the entire stadium and everyone is bouncing on bleachers that feel like they might collapse, the effect makes your hair stand on end.

    Let’s just be happy. We’re going to the WC and Mexico is setting itself on fire today. They’ll probably still make it, but I LOVE them worrying that we might just send a U-18 team to that final game in Panama just to screw them out of the WC. We won’t do that, but I LOVE them worrying about it. Someday, 4/8/12/16 years from now, the shoe will be on the other foot, but I’ll enjoy this for now because if/when the roles are reversed, Mexico won’t be nearly as classy about rubbing our face in it.

    As for how we do in the WC…..we’ll do fine. That tournament is just a crap shoot that depends on your draw. We probably won’t win, but that isn’t even the expectation right now.

  8. Hey USMNT drinks Bud Light! Nice.

    Just thinking about this win from a revenue standpoint – How much of a win is this for the broadcasters of the WC?

    If the USA had not qualified, do you think that would cut the number of total US viewers in half this summer? More than half?

    Just wondering what you guys thought about it…

    1. It’s big, surely but the broadcasters probably assumed US qualification when they bid for the rights. The people who are setting themselves on fire right now are the ones who paid for the Spanish language rights in the US. Holy crap…..those guys are pooping razor blades right now.

      I’m sure it’ll probably work out for them, but geez… know that whatever network has those rights, there was ONE dude in the meeting who said, “Gosh….shouldn’t we have a plan for Mexico not qualifying?” And everyone hooted and jeered that guy. :)

  9. I was in Columbus, not sitting directly behind the goal, and thought that the atmosphere was incredible. I think the passion of US fans is to be commended. My girlfriend and I drove 8 hours each way from NJ to go to the match. While I was there I met supporters from (off the top of my head) Atlanta, Chicago, Lancaster PA, Philadelphia, Modesto CA, Iowa, Houston, Dallas, Columbus, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Seattle, San Diego, New York City, Albany NY, Akron OH, Denver, Austin, Nebraska…

    I think you would be hard pressed to find another country in the world where so many fans travel from so far to attend a match.

  10. Great atmosphere in Columbus for this game. The atmosphere in Seattle was definitely better but it still was a great game to watch. Columbus needs to keep the Mexico game for the next qualifying rounds and Seattle should take the 2nd toughest game whether it’s Costa Rica or Hondurus.

      1. WAIT–my comment above was supposed to be posted to PRoud Eurosnob!

        I agree with Joe: Columbus is clearly sacred ground, and it was amazing to be there with 90%+ American crowd.

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