Incredible Scenes of US Soccer Fans Celebrating 2-0 Win vs Mexico Including US Players Chugging Beer [VIDEO]

There were two victors Tuesday night in Columbus, Ohio. The first was the US men’s national team who coasted to another 2-0 win on home turf against Mexico, ensuring that the United States of America qualified for FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil. The other victor was, without a doubt, the US soccer fans.

The stereotype about US soccer fans worldwide is they have no idea what fandom is, that they’re plastic and sit in the seats all game, or the only chant they know is “USA! USA!” But stereotypes are made to be broken, and Tuesday night was a perfect example of how the US soccer culture in the United States is growing rapidly and how strong it is. You’d be hard pressed to find a better atmosphere at an international soccer game anywhere on the globe yesterday than the one at Columbus Crew Stadium in Ohio.

Congratulations to the United States men’s national team on qualifying. But congratulations too to the US soccer fans and the American Outlaws supporters group for putting on an incredible atmosphere that help lift the US team to World Cup 2014.

Here are a couple of choice videos from last night that sum up the incredible fan base that is United States soccer, including one that shows what appears to be US soccer players dancing with fans and chugging beer. They deserve it!

Dos A Cero: USA goals from the supporter section:

U.S. Soccer Team celebrates World Cup bid by dancing & chugging beer with fans in Columbus:


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