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USA Defeats Mexico 2-0 & Books Place In FIFA World Cup 2014: Match Highlights & Analysis [VIDEO]

After defeating Mexico two-nil in Columbus, Ohio, the United States have qualified for FIFA World Cup 2014 thanks to the three points plus the fact that Panama was unable to defeat Honduras in San Pedro Sula, where the two teams tied 2-2.

Watch the highlights of the historic 2-0 win by the United States below. Plus, watch the post-match analysis and debate in the above video, featuring Kartik Krishnaiyer, Dave Denholm (FOX Soccer) and Kris Heneage (ESPN FC).

The trio of experts discuss the talking points from the game, what the key factors were in the United States win, what this means for Mexico’s chances of qualifying for the World Cup as well as who the man of the match was for the United States, and much more.

Congratulations to the United States of America who joined Italy and the Netherlands today as automatically qualifying for FIFA World Cup 2014 with two games still remaining.

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12 Responses to USA Defeats Mexico 2-0 & Books Place In FIFA World Cup 2014: Match Highlights & Analysis [VIDEO]

  1. Eplnfl says:

    To the panel:

    If we clinch tonight how should we approach the remain to games left? Just bring in a C team or keep the A team together to get know each other better?

    • Matt says:

      Had we beaten Costa Rica, the national team would still have a shot at getting a seed (insane, i know). In that case the A team would be a must.

      I’d say cap tie a ton of young players in Honduras because they will be going for it. Then bring the A team for the sendoff.

  2. rej4sl says:

    Has not the US now qualified as three teams go through. And they are guaranteed a spot in the top 3.

  3. Eplnfl says:

    Have to disagree. USA played very well. Especially with Bradley and Altidore out. In the past we would have been blown out.

  4. Smokey Bacon says:

    It will be interesting to see if Klinsmann can take them to a new level at the World Cup. I fear that it will be 3 and out. For me, the bob Bradley teams had more team spirit and cohesion. I still don’t think Klinsmann has a clue what his best line up is.

    • Christopher Harris says:

      I think the true test will be to see how they come up against tougher teams in the friendlies before the World Cup starts. Let’s see them play Belgium or another team of that ilk to see how the US goes up against a team that is physically stronger and bigger than the US.

    • Matt says:

      All about the draw…

    • Charles says:

      Also, it depends on the health of the squad when they head south.

      The US is not final four material, but it could get out of its group and make a bit of noise from there.

  5. Christopher Harris says:

    Kudos to Dave Denholm, Kartik Krishnaiyer and Kristan Heneage for insightful post game coverage of USA vs Mexico.

    Thanks to everyone who tuned in for live video.

  6. john flackett says:

    Where when will be a repeat of ESPN recording? I missed it last night.

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