Why the Bundesliga is Better than the Overrated Premier League

Countless articles have been produced, one after another, linking half of Borussia Dortmund’s squad with a transfer to Arsenal. The irony is obvious in that the English side are chronic underachievers, having failed to win a single piece of silverware for eight years and counting, whereas Borussia Dortmund have already established themselves as a European power in their own right by following up their back-to-back Bundesliga titles and a defiant UEFA Champions League run to the final last season by making the marquee signings of Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang this summer.

Borussia Dortmund are financially sound. They have raised the wages of all their stars and could shell out as much as 27 million euros for a player. The assumption that a team like Arsenal, or any other club in Europe, for that matter, could simply waltz into Germany and cherry pick any player of their liking on Dortmund’s roster reveals a blatant lack of awareness regarding the balance of power on the European landscape.

The grating arrogance of some of the articles written is truly astounding. Ever since the recent marquee signing of Mesut Ozil, Premier League oriented sites have produced countless articles linking Marco Reus and Ilkay Gundogan to Arsenal. Premier League fans may be forgiven for thinking that the entire world wants to play in their league, as the league has been a dominant force in Europe over the last decade. Freedom of outside ownership, endless foreign imports and staggering transfer fees ensure that a large number of marquee names have always been present. However, recent evidence suggests that the ‘best league in the world’ claim is highly questionable.

Premier League sides have performed poorly in Europe recently. Aside from Chelsea’s largely luck-induced Champions league victory in 2012, English sides have largely struggled in Europe. Last season alone there were no English participants in the last eight of the competition. Many have written it off as an aberration, but it could still very well be a sign of things to come. While the Premier League might boast the strongest top four clubs in Europe at least on paper, the European performance of these clubs suggest otherwise; Arsenal and Manchester City have regularly underperformed in Europe.

The Premier League can rightfully claim to be more competitive then La Liga due to its unjust distribution of TV rights and the clear cut dominance of the two El Clasico rivals, but it is questionable to claim that is more competitive than the Bundesliga. The German league has had five different winners over the last decade, and the mid-table sides are notoriously unpredictable and are known to be a nightmare for bookies. However, despite the obvious rise of Borussia Dortmund with their back-to-back title victories, the Bundesliga was recently slated by Premier League blogs and followers as a ‘one-horse league’ with Bayern cantering to the title with a 25 point gap. Many attributed the victory to Bayern’s financial dominance and its ability to ‘cherry pick’ the strongest players from its rivals in order to ‘weaken’ them, rather than acknowledge the excellence of Jupp Heynckes and the strength of the same squad the defeated Barcelona 7-0 on aggregate in the Champions League semifinal tie.

The recent controversial signing of Mario Gotze, which was the result of a release clause and the other signings of Dante and Mandzukic may fuel these superfluous claims. However, the reality is quite different. Bayern have often struggled to get players from their domestic rivals. They failed to sign Arturo Vidal from Leverkusen in 2011 and again failed in their approach for Lars Bender, as Leverkusen doggedly refused to sell to their domestic rivals. Countless other players may be included in this list as German clubs have repeatedly refused to sell to Bayern more often than not.

To criticize Bayern for buying players like Mandzukic, Dante and Gotze from fellow domestic sides as a sign of a weak league and to suggest that the same does not occur in the Premier League is downright ludicrous. Every top-four club in the EPL has signed a generous number of the stars from other English sides. Manchester City acquired Gael Clichy and Samir Nasri from Arsenal while Robin van Persie left Arsenal to join Manchester United. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Theo Walcott were signed from Southampton while players like Rio Ferdinand and countless other English stars were West Ham products. To claim that the Premier League is competitive based on the fact that they don’t poach players from domestic rivals and other domestic sides is just not true.

Germany’s dominance in Europe last year was symbolized with an all-German final that took place in Wembley last season. There is evidence to suggest that the recent trend of German prowess might show no sign of abating. Aside from Dortmund and Bayern, who have strengthened with new signings and have been blessed with arrival of Pep Guardiola respectively, the trend could well continue with the strengthening of Leverkusen and Schalke. The latter have managed to hold on to their key asset in attacking midfielder Julian Draxler this summer and have augmented the squad with the arrival of Kevin-Prince Boateng from AC Milan. Leverkusen have excelled under the guidance of Sami Hyypia and prior to their loss to Schalke last weekend were on an eight game winning streak.

There is a great chance that the Bundesliga could better its stellar performance in Europe last season. With these recent developments, not to mention the highest attendance figures in Europe, best stadium infrastructure, fan culture, atmospheres and ticket prices, emphasis of home-grown talent and youth development in Germany, there is plenty of reason to believe that the Premier League, which is replete with foreign ownership, oil money, influx of foreign imports and neglect of local talent, is no longer  ‘best league in the world.’ And it’s title may well be due to hype and excessive marketing more than anything else.

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  1. I agree with almost everything in this piece, but that title is incredibly incendiary. I do love the Bundesliga but sadly I’m never able to watch it live because GOLTV is essentially nonexistent now.

  2. Fair points here in general. Particularly how the prevalent assumption always seems to be “Dortmund player X obviously would be sold/want to go to EPL side Y.” i.e. Marco Reus to Arsenal. Why would he want to go to a far weaker club? Why would Dortmund want to sell him? Their finances are rock-solid. They are building their club around the guy. Sheesh.

    I was just over on the continent for a month and got to see three live matches in Germany along the way. It is definitely a great atmosphere at matches there and the grounds (particularly far the mid-sized clubs) are generally much bigger and much nicer than analogous places in the UK.

    I’ll always love the EPL first and foremost but I will admit that in many qualitative respects those Germans are indeed “on” to something as far as how they do things.

  3. Germany has a great league, no doubt. The only reason I don’t watch more of it is that there is a LOT more English-language content for the EPL. It’s not just game commentary, but players interviews are usually in English, Gary Neville is speaking English, the blogs are mostly in English, etc., etc.

    If I spoke German, I’d probably prefer the Bundesliga.

  4. I agree with some aspects of this article. The Budesliga generally getting labeled a one horse league is wrong, as mentioned. But, I think mostly, it uses hype to push the Bundesliga over EPL.

    Stating how the Bundesliga produced the Championship last season, and how City and Arsenal underperformed, is probably the last thing that goes for showing how competitive a league is. For Arsenal, I’d actually argue that they performed to a level appropriate to them being generally the last team to sneak into the Champions League, at least during the last few seasons. City, on the other-hand, you’re absolutely correct on.

    But, is it really that much of an indicator of strength that Bayern and Dortmund met in the final? I don’t really buy that. But, I get that it’s at least a somewhat objective platform…it’s just that the platform is a knockout tournament, as opposed to the length of an entire season solving those questions.

    The difficulty in any EPL/Bundesliga argument is that it’s all massively subjective. The Bundesliga SHOULD get more attention than it does. That’s a fine enough point in itself. But, if you asked me where I thought Dortmund would fit in the EPL last year…in a 38 game run…the answer is going to be fighting for that 4th-5th place spot with Arsenal and Spurs. Obviously they performed much better in the knockout stages of the tournament than Arsenal, but, I don’t think that indicator is enough alone to showcase depth and ability over the course of a season.

  5. Bundesliga have 2-3 weeks winterbreak
    Premierleage plays 10 games. Of course that will affect players performance.
    If Premier League were having similar they would compete every year in CL final

  6. Is the EPL overhyped or simply the league from Europe with the most exposure in the US?

    I watch the EPL because it is available.

    1. This. I don’t even know how to rate the Bundesliga because there’s no way to watch it aside from the few Bayern/Dortmund games in the Champions League.

      Also, let’s see Dortmund keep this up for a few years. Did the writer completely forget the 11/12 Champions League where Arsenal and Dortmund were in the same group? Arsenal won it while Dortmund finished last.

        1. Yep, pretty much. Even if you look at just last year, United and Arsenal got awful draws in the round of 16. Arsenal lost on away goals to Bayern. Somehow that is underachieving? What? Who in their right mind expected Arsenal to beat Bayern? And United was right in that tie with Madrid until a garbage red card.

        2. Please read the article thoroughly. I clearly stated that the EPL teams have dominated europe over the last decade in the very first paragraph. All I am doing in this article is making a case as to why the Bundesliga is ready to dominate in the very near future

          1. I am sorry I read this article and you claimiung that the Bundesliga will dominate in the near future is seriously bandwagon jumping and nothing more than the equivalent of all the people who say the world should play like Barca…opps until Bayern dusted them now the world should be like Bayern and Germany…opps until the Germans catch a beating then the world should be like whoever beat them.

            The PL is not overhyped it is simply better marketed and for a very long time had the most money hence players going there. Now that French teams have cash you see top players going there and if BVD ever decided to splash cash players would go there as well. I mean Eto went to Anzhi FFS.

            So please stop bandwagon jumping.

      1. How many time have you seen him play apart from a couple of games against Chelsea in CL? If Dortmund overpaid for a player Shakhtar didn’t care to keep as they had a better replacement it doesn’t mean it is a marquee signing.

  7. Agreed. But having said this, I think there should be another post from your side titled Why the FIFA World Cup is better than the Club Tournaments. And why does club football prevail over international football?

  8. The writer makes some excellent points, as the Budesliga is way under-rated but his “Premier League teams have done poorly in Europe recently” is laughable. This would be news to Chelsea and the rest of us who’ve watched them lift the Europa Cup last season.

    The fact that there were no English teams in the last 8 of the CL, last season, for the first time in ….years, doesn’t bother me, as one season not a reflection of anything.

    The EPL’S problem has been its Europa/UEFA cup history, with has been fairly poor the last 15 years, due to EPL teams outside what was the top four, being fairly mediocre, especially when compared to La Liga teams.

    The writer conveniently omits the fact that there were 3 EPL teams in the Europa league quarter-finals last season. There were no German ones.

    1. “This would be news to Chelsea and the rest of us who’ve watched them lift the Europa Cup last season.”

      Oh yes, Chelsea. Apparently it is now deemed as an achievement to be the first CL winner dropping out of the CL GS… .

  9. “Countless articles have been produced, one after another, linking half of Borussia Dortmund’s squad with a transfer to Arsenal.”

    Really, can you named me three player were linked with Arsenal move. As far as people who follow BPL know Mario Gotze was the only player linked with Arsenal move, and it was two year ago.

    So, for you millions people who follow BPL are less intelligent?

    BPL, expose player in the world more than any sports leagues, as soon you start to player on it you would know everywhere. And when you are expose you get much more publicities etc… with publicities come with money, that why most player want to play in BPL.

    The only teams are above teams from BPL are R.Madrid and “Barcelona” for the simple reason they keep their TV money for themselves, the day they would start to share it would the end at least for Barca.

  10. Arjun Niranjan, I have to ask you this, why Ronalinho chose to go to Barca in 2003 than Man Utd? from that period Man Utd was winning trophies left right.

    Another question for you, why Victor Wanyama choose to left a winning team and in the UEFA Champions League but come to Southampton F.C. a team who probably would fight relegation?

    You can degrade BPL as you like but, the reality will still the most.

    When foreign TV play 2,5 billions for the next three year, none sports leagues in world come close to 1 billions, and your underrated Bundesliga could not manage half million.

  11. LOL…

    It’s an opinion piece which is fine, but In my opinion the incendiary title aside the examples used are poor with inaccuracies as it relates to BPL clubs success in Europe.

    Go to http://www.uefa.com/uefachampionsleague/history/index.html and look at the list of winners on the right 3 BPL clubs in 9 years… 1 German team in 12 and they were the same. Oh and the LFC win was v CFC….

    Now go to http://www.uefa.com/uefaeuropaleague/history/index.html and show me all the German teams. Perhaps German clubs have treated that cup with the same distane BPL clubs have? But

    I despise CFC and as a big part of banter & wind ups saying they’re lucky is great fodder, but as you can see they won both competitions.

    The games on the way to the final v Barca and others weren’t lucky…I just threw up in my mouth typing that…thanks!

    If anyone actually watches the bundesliga they know the quaility of the “entire bundesliga” is no where near as good as the BPL… And this continued angle of….look look look at bvb!… is tired, I’m a massive fan of what Klopp has done, but without Klopp they’re not half the team, and with bvb fighting Dortmund the league is ridiculously dull, an example of how poor Just sit & watch a Hoffenhiem game LOL…

    The top 4 clubs in the bundesliga are good teams but the other 14 are a lot poorer. BVB are a doing well, as are Bayern, but this piece is getting quite carried away.

    Celtics win over Barca was legendary, an amazing win for them, but that doesn’t make the Scottish league any good. BVB were 2 dodgey offside decisions in the lady 5 minutes of a game from going out to Malaga… Bayern absolutely dominated their games, but that’s Bayern. 1 team…Why do you think Pep took over? From one : team league to another.

    If there is any league being overhyped at the moment it’s the Bundesliga.

    1. Lol Bvb were screwed by Malaga Dust malaga scored the offside goal and when did Bvb score two offside goals. Both teams got an offside goal and malagas counts as two because they were away from home away goals rule. The bundi is better than the prem. If the Prem were like the Bundi with no foreign ownership chelsea and city would not be shit. There would be no.50 million pound signings every year or every othsr year by those teams and better financial stablility. The bundi is a better all around league. It keeps the clubs German at heart with their no foreign ownership rule which keeps the Sheiks Glazers and Abramovichs out of German football. Almost evsry Bundesliga club is financially stable compared to the free spending likes of city chelsea etc. The bottom to midtable clubs in the prem all spend lots of money and some of which they do not have the money yet and are counting on the playing staff to keep them in the league. The prem is really over rated. Only two teams from England are really aell known in Manchester United and Liverpool. Both those teams have garnered respect from Europes best but are both seen as shambolic and Chelsea is on the map now solely because of Mourinhos media frenzy.

      1. Iam ridiculously jetlaged but non the less.

        That reply read to me like a nested if statement…

        If(ClutchingAtStraws,BudesligaFootball,BlameMoney,if(this,or(that’s,then, wah, wah, wah)))

    2. I really don’t understand why people post such comments. If you had read my article more carefully, you wouldn’t waste your time writing such lengthy posts. I already acknowledged in my first paragraph that the PL clubs have dominated Europe over the last decade. The PL was a great league, but whether its still deserves its title as ‘best league in the world’ is highly questionable at present. I think the Bundesliga is on a sharp rise right now, and could very well follow up the success of last season. Time will tell, off course, whether I am right.

      1. Didn’t mean to be so brash here, but what I meant to say was that the I already acknowledged the prowess of the EPL throughout the 2000s. But after 2009? Aside from Chelsea’s fortuitous CL victory the PL has largely failed to shine in Europe.

    3. You just called the Bundesliga a ‘one team league’? Really? Despite all that iv’e written? I like how folks comment so much about a league they know absolutely nothing about. Even with this article, i’m sure you just read the title and began commenting without even bothering to read it. And to call the Bundesliga ‘overhyped’ is just ridiculous. The Bundesliga hardly gets exposure outside of Germany. And again, you claim that I have ignored the achievements of PL clubs in Europe, and you post all these links, but why did you bother? I clearly stated that PL sides have dominated EUrope in the past, but off course, you just read the title of the article and started posting all these comments, so no surprise there. All I am saying is that German footy is on the rise. Last year was no flash in the pan

    4. “If anyone actually watches the bundesliga they know the quaility of the “entire bundesliga” is no where near as good as the BPL”

      Really? On what basis? Ive seen the preseason friendlies where Mainz 05 dumped West Ham and Nuremburg destroyed on of the new promoted sides this season. Going by that evidence I would argue that the opposite of what you said is true!

    5. And by measuring Bundesliga against the EPL, he just confirmed rather unconsciously that the latter is the best.
      He could have used lets say La Liga as a unit of measure against the two leagues.
      Oh, and having two teams in the UCL final doesnt say much about the league but for the individual teams

      1. Confirmed unconsciously? I stated in the first paragraph (quite blatantly) that the EPL was the best in past decade, but now not anymore. Perhaps I should have emphasized that since 2009, it has no longer really been the force it once was. I am not disputing the fact that the PL had the most success in Europe prior to 2009, but after that?

        Chelsea’s lucky CL win aside, PL sides have been quite poor in Europe since 2009. Whereas the Bundesliga has been on a massive upward curve over the past 3 years.

    6. “Go to http://www.uefa.com/uefachampionsleague/history/index.html and look at the list of winners on the right 3 BPL clubs in 9 years…”

      If Chelsea had been just a bit less lucky, it would be 2 English victors and 2 German.

      “I despise CFC and as a big part of banter & wind ups saying they’re lucky is great fodder, but as you can see they won both competitions.”

      Winning the Cl was impressive. Already dropping out of the GS was a disgrace, no matter how you look at it. Winning the EL is not something you should be proud of if you can spend more money in one transfer than most participants can in ten years.

      “If anyone actually watches the bundesliga they know the quaility of the “entire bundesliga” is no where near as good as the BPL…”

      You obviously don’t watch the Bundesliga at all.

      ” an example of how poor Just sit & watch a Hoffenhiem game LOL…”

      Yes, their demolition of Schalke was really dull indeed… .

  12. Come back until Bundesliga put three teams in semi-final of UCL three times in row.

    And have four different teams in the final, or having three teams winning it in the space of seven year.

    Bayerm Munich is not Bundesliga, remember that.

    People really overreacted last UCL.

    1. “Come back until Bundesliga put three teams in semifinal of UCL 3 times in a row”

      Again, the first paragraph of the aticle I have clearly stated that PL has dominated Europe in the last decade. Not sure why I’m seeing the same comment over and over.

      1. You are seeing it because one or two seasons does not change a trend in most people’s minds, especially in a sample size as small as the CL. I suspect that the PL has declined a bit in the past couple of years but who really cares? I watch PL because I only have time for one league. Many others are probably the same. Comparisons between the leagues is just shin kicking.

  13. I think the author and other people often misstate the EPL as the best league. I don’t think people generally mean that it has the best teams just that it produces the most exciting games and seasons.

      1. But I do confess that the previous season where City won the title was quite brilliant. Not city winning, off course, but the fact that the title was decided by goal difference.

      2. Your defensiveness does not help your case. Furthermore, since United won by 11 points last season and Bayern Munich won by 25, you actually undermine your argument with your off the cuff snide remark. In the future you should probably stop at your inflammatory titles.

  14. Generally agree with the points in this article. I love the EPL, yet realize that it is not the best league in the world the way it is marketed. However the argument that the EPL isn’t as good compared to the Bundesliga because of their European performances and transfer dealings is unfortunately a bit of cherry picking.

    Since 2000, four different English clubs have reached the CL final (Liverpool, Man Utd, Arsenal and Chelsea), and seven CL finals since 2000 have contained English clubs. Conveniently picking Arsenal and Manchester City as examples of English under-performance isn’t the way to show the EPL is under-rated.

    Also the article makes it seem as if EPL clubs are the only ones who want to “cherry pick” players from the Bundesliga and approach their transfers with “arrogance.” Unfortunately that’s just not necessarily true as well. And the idea that English clubs get there way all the time is a fallacy as well. Just take a look at how Barcelona and Real Madrid conduct themselves in the transfer market (Bale and Neymar). A cursory look at Manchester Utd’s recent transfer dealings reveals that it has struggled to sign its primary targets (Sneijder, Thiago, Cesc, Lewandoski, and even Leighton Baines). Arsenal’s transfer woes are well documented (Suarez, Higuain, Fellaini), and Liverpool have also struggled in this most recent window missing out on the aforementioned Miktaryian and Willian.

    Of course the top EPL clubs have recently signed top players (Man Utd: RVP, Liverpool: Suarez, ManCity: Aguero/Silva, Chelsea: Mata/Hazard), but that is because they are the top clubs in the league. To suggest that they shouldn’t be in the market for the best players is again fishing a little too much for a reason to knock the EPL.

    As far as the home-grown argument is concerned, the article makes good points about the German core of Bayern and Dortmund in recent years. But the nature of modern football is that clubs rarely only contain home-grown players. Key players for both Dortmund and Bayern weren’t all German (Lewandoski and Robben key examples).

    I think this article is attempting to verbalize what many people believe. However, I think a more thorough examination of the style of play and funding sources in the EPL compared to the Bundesliga is a better avenue to flush that out rather than criticizing transfer dealings and European performances (don’t forget that while Dortmund and Bayern are financially strong, there is still a glass ceiling in the Bundesliga where some big mid-table clubs can’t compete financially for top players with those two: see HSV, Monchengladbach, Bremen and Stuttgart).

    1. I cant watch a full 90 minutes of some bundesliga action without BVB or Munchen in it. Same goes to Liga BBVA without Barca or Madrid.
      But I can sit my ass down and watch Southampton Vs Norwich any day.
      EPL might be overrated but when we strip off the bias, it still scores double digits over the rest.

      1. Yeah, watching SChalke beat Hannover 4-3 is far more entertaining than a cold, wet rainy night at stoke. Typical EPL hype exemplified by this post

  15. The Premier League is the most overrated league in the world and it’s not even close. Manchester, Chelsea, Tottenham and even Barcelona and Madrid can buy all the high Euro players they want but they still can’t sniff Munchen or Dortmund.


  16. While the Budesliga has a lot going for it, there is a reason why NBC paid as much as they did for the EPL. It’s simply more popular. Always has been. Always will be. At the end of the day that is all that meters. Next.

    1. Case in point take the game between England and Germany during the WC 2010 and especially the pre-match analysis on BBC (you can watch it on youtube). The things they said about e.g. Ozil and Thomas Muller were downright ignorant (Ozil was as far I remember even called a mediocre talent). Just because the English players were better well-known than their German players didn’t mean they were truly better on the pitch.

  17. Wow.. what a load of sauerkraut!

    One season of German teams having a good year and suddenly that calls for an attack on the English. Why? Sounds like a real case of an inferiority complex coming out. Or maybe years of pent up jealousy. Whatever, to cherry pick facts and criticize another league, just because you won the Champions League ONCE in heaven know how long is very small time.

    I was supporting the German teams last year to break the monopoly that was building up between Spain and England. If this is the type of read I can expect I think I will withdraw that support and smile to myself if there is an early exit for the mighty German teams!!

    1. Firstly, I’m not German, i’m American. Secondly, the article is in response primarily to the countless articles linking nearly half of BVB’s squad (esp. Reus and Gungodan) to transfer’s to PL sides like Arsenal and the like, which is quite frankly ridiculous. The sheer volume of such articles with all this speculation shows a lack of respect towards Dortmund and their achievements, and also shows a failure in understanding the European landscape, and as to who is really strong right now. I’m not even a BVB fan, but the onslaught of such articles really sparked my to write this piece. I’m making a case as to why the BL in general is on the rise, and does not exist to simply be supply the EPL with players.

          1. Reus is awesome, no doubt. I just don’t know what Arjun’s problem with Arsenal is. He must be a bit sensitive if a few rumours of players leaving Dortmund got him worked up enough to write this piece.

            I don’t know if anyone is going to leave Dortmund, but it was ludicrous to think Ozil would leave Madrid for Arsenal two weeks ago too.

  18. I couldn’t help but notice the heavy use and bias against Arsenal. This article may be written by a good observer but by no chance is he an impartial one.
    The points sound smart, but am pretty sure I can find 1,000,001 smarter points to prove the EPL is the BEST league in the world.

  19. Hi Guys,

    I just want to appreciate all of the comments and input that have come in. I apologize if I may have come off as a bit brash in some of the exchanges, but its all in the spirit of some harmless banter.

    Also, in order to avoid clarify some of the confusion regarding EPL sides in Europe, perhaps I should have emphasized that since 2009, the EPL has no longer really been the force it once was. I am not disputing the fact that the PL had the most success in Europe prior to 2009, but after that?
    Chelsea’s lucky CL win aside, PL sides have been quite poor in Europe since 2009. Whereas the Bundesliga has been on a massive upward curve over the past 3 years. Thats all i’m trying to say, folks.

    1. Just admit you were talking about ONLY last year in Europe. Why don’t you give us any data? Because it doesn’t fit your narrative.

      Number of CL quarterfinalists since 2008-09: EPL has 6, Bundesliga has 5, with 2 coming last year to the EPL’s 0.

      1. The EPL didn’t really perform any better than the Bundesliga the year before last year. Chelsea’s lucky run saved a below-par season.
        And keep in mind, that England had 4 CL spots whereas the bL had until recently only 3.

        Numbeer of CL Semifinalists since 2008-2009:


        1. Fair enough. At least you gave some data, unlike the author.

          His use of “quite poor” is a little harsh. I don’think making the quarters is poor at all really. Poor is getting knocked out in the group, IMO.

          1. “Poor is getting knocked out in the group, IMO.”

            True, which happened to both the reigning English and German champion during the last two years. Certainly not something you can be proud on, regardless if you are Manchester City or Borussia Dortmund.

            Well at least Dortmund had the excuse that almost none of their players had any CL experience.

            City with their team of Stars had certainly no excuse for finishing behind Ajax.

          2. But you are right, he should have provided more data maybe should have picked his words more careful. Most leagues would be happy if they could ever be able to compete with the EPL even now when the EPL is on it’s lowest point in years.

            As to EPLvsBL, we shall the answer on the pitch this year. There’ll be 4 English/German duells during the GS of the CL which should be very entertaining to watch.

  20. This article reminds me of some garbage you’d find on goal dot com: 100% opinion and unsubstantiated. Ironically, the author cites to a similar trashy site in his thin-skinned responses to comments.

    Mr: Niranjan: “Really? On what basis? Ive seen the preseason friendlies where Mainz 05 dumped West Ham and Nuremburg destroyed on of the new promoted sides this season. Going by that evidence I would argue that the opposite of what you said is true!”

    ^ HAHA, that is NOT a good point. As an american, you should pick up on this reference: That’s like saying the National League is better than the American League because the Marlins beat the Astros in Preseason training. Those friendlies are totally irrelevant to your argument. Get a grip, man.

    C’mon World Soccer Talk, you’re better than this!

    1. Really? He was responding to a post where someone claimed that the midtable sides of England were far better than the midtables sides of the Bundesliga, a claim that is completely unsubstantiated.

      Preseason friendlies are not the best way to judge, but they are the only way available.

      This article is very well written. If your a PL fanboy and you don’t like it, don’t read it instead of complaining about it.

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