West Ham United Suffer Another Setback After Andy Carroll Picks Up New Injury

West Ham United have suffered a major setback today after striker Andy Carroll picked up a new injury during training.

Carroll, who signed for West Ham United on a permanent deal in May for a transfer fee of around £15million, has been injured since the beginning of the season. Carroll suffered the injury to his right foot during his return to full training today.

According to the club website “Although it is in the same part of his foot as his previous injury, it is a new injury and therefore there will be no prognosis until he has seen a specialist.”

During the 2012-13 season, Carroll scored 7 goals in 24 appearances while he was on loan at the club from Liverpool. Unfortunately for Hammers fans, Carroll seems to be injured more often than he is fit, and the return of Carroll to full match fitness was seen as a boost that West Ham supporters and manager Sam Allardyce were looking forward to.

If there’s a sense of panic among West Ham supporters that Carroll’s injury absence is going to be prolonged, don’t be surprised.

6 thoughts on “West Ham United Suffer Another Setback After Andy Carroll Picks Up New Injury”

  1. Surprise surprise …. Carlton Cole here we come … DOOMED by miss management . We are a joke . 50 years a supporter … can’t suffer the lies much longer .

    1. You have supported WHU 50 years, and you have a problem with this version of the club?

      We have looked solid, and sure we haven’t been scoring at will, but We will be safe. And frankly, Carroll will be back, and when Downing starts getting crosses in for Andy, and taps it to Kevin for a volley. you’ll be the first one dancing in the streets. Chin up. We are fine. Don’t let these reports get us down.

  2. Incredible that despite the large cash loss Liverpool took, they may have still come out “on top-ish”.

    Hope Carroll recovers quickly. He isn’t a brat and it sucks that he keeps getting hurt.

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