Premier League Summer Transfers By Club, Country, Age and Position: Nightly Soccer Report

Here are tonight’s world soccer news headlines:

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4 thoughts on “Premier League Summer Transfers By Club, Country, Age and Position: Nightly Soccer Report”

    1. Kartik is skipping this week since there was little to no club football to write about. The column will return next Monday.

  1. That yellow for Besler was utter bullshit. It looked like the ref looked for confirmation from a linesman and then gave the yellow. Were the rest of the refereeing crew Mexican as well as the head ref?

  2. Blatter has reached new levels of complete and utter ridiculousness… He regrets give the world cup to Qatar, then says that Europe and South America need to understand that a winter World Cup is required to not discriminate against the rest of the world!


    Why aren’t the daily scumbag mirror doing stories of Blatter with an actual crack pipe to his lips…unbeleiveable.


    Sorry….but it’s not just the ridiculous weather conditions at ANY point in the year, it’s the blatant human rights violations and the fact that while Qatar maybe moderate in comparison and be a showcase of wealth and good will with various western powers, it neighbors and the region as a whole is incredibly unstable…

    It has been that way for 000’s of years and is getting worse, so for the love of all things holly…(no pun intended..wait it’s not a pun…just awkward)

    It was awarded to them as a backhander for all the investment made in football by a varity of wealthy people from that region in an attempt to deflect from the very real discrimination in that region.

    Why hasn’t the Olympics been awarded to Qatar or any other country in that region? That seems like a more appropriate world event to showcase alleged progression and unity with all countries.

    There hasn’t been a more blatant show of corruption than this wc being awarded to Qatar… Add the fact that Platini has gone on record as saying he wants to change the football season so that the winter months are the months of no football not the summer anymore stating (and im paraphrasing)

    “it’s because of the English that the world uses the summer as a rest, because the English didn’t want to interfere with cricket…it makes no sense to play football in the winter when we can play in the summer and rst in the winter”

    Not only is this wc being awarded to qatar as dodgy as a dodgy thing on national dodgy day, they will use it to try and make the switch to a permenant winter break and playing in the summer…using the excuse, it’s taken a lot of co-ordination and effort to make this happen, why change it back, we should just keep it as it is….garunateed!

    Watch… . So damn shady…

    Blatter….Platini….both insane and corrupt….

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