Jose Manuel de La Torre Fired as Head Coach of Mexico National Team

After losing a World Cup qualifying match at Azteca Stadium for the first time since 2001, the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) has fired national team coach Jose Manuel de la Torre (aka Chepo).

Mexico lost 2-1 against Honduras Friday night in an important World Cup qualifier. The loss for Mexico, who have already been reeling from a poor qualification process, means that the national team sits in fourth place in the CONCACAF qualification group with only three matches remaining in qualification — and one of them is Tuesday against the United States in Columbus in a match that the US will desperately want to win after losing to Costa Rica last night.

According to the FMF website, “The President of the Mexican Football Federation, Justino Compean, decided to make a change [to the national team coach] of the senior team.”

Luis Fernando will take over from Chepo in a temporary role until a permanent decision can be made.

Let’s not forget that there were reports in late July that Chepo was going to be fired after meeting with FMF officials, but a decision was reportedly made at the last minute to keep faith with Chepo. In hindsight, Mexico may have been better off changing managers in late July and allowing time for the new national coach to bed in.

Here are the match highlights from Mexico vs Honduras:

Mexico 1-2 Honduras Highlights by goalsandsoccer

7 thoughts on “Jose Manuel de La Torre Fired as Head Coach of Mexico National Team”

  1. If anyone deserved firing it was him. The whole concacaf qualification is a joke. It’s set up so that the USA and Mexico qualify every time. Meanwhile, France might have a play-off to get to Brazil. Only two should go through from concacaf.

  2. Panama have only themselves to blame: had they won against 10-men Jamaica last night, Mexico would have been in serious trouble.

    But, with Mexico coming to Columbus, Ohio on Tuesday night, things aren’t getting easier for El Tri.

    I saw part of the 2nd half from the Azteca game. The Mexicans hit the cross-bar and then the Hondurans missed a sitter to kill the game late.

    This Mexican side has taken a bad dive in form, and it’s not getting better.

    I guess Chepo had to go…

    Concacaf is still a joke of a conference, 4 out of 6 teams qualifying (I know, 4th goes to a playoff, v. New Zealand). Go look at the battles in Europe and South America…

    I would take Honduras, Mexico and Costa Rica any day rather than, say, Ukraine, Poland, Montenegro; or, Italy, Czech Republic, Denmark, Armenia.

      1. You can also through the couple teams that are in South America that play in CONCACAF for some reason with the Caribbean islands.

        1. It would make the competition better and would almost certainly force CONCACAF and CONMEBOL to combine into an awesome federation UAFF United American Football Federation.

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