England vs Moldova Match Highlights, World Cup Qualifier [VIDEO]

England climbed back to the top of their World Cup qualifying group Friday night after a comfortable 4-0 win against Moldova at Wembley Stadium.

Southanpton striker Rickie Lambert grabbed his second goal of his England career, as well as playing a pivotal role in Danny Welbeck’s two goals. Unfortunately, Welbeck will be suspended from England’s game on Tuesday after receiving a yellow card for taking a shot on goal after the referee had blown his whistle.

If you missed yesterday’s game, or you want to watch the highlights again, watch the video below. Due to rights restrictions, the highlights are only viewable in the United States.

5 thoughts on “England vs Moldova Match Highlights, World Cup Qualifier [VIDEO]”

  1. I’ve been more interested in non league football today today, disappointed there’s no mention of it on here.

    England? I wouldn’t waste my breath.

    1. I posted a link to an article about Non League Day in the Daily Soccer Report the other day, but unfortunately none of the games are being televised for us in the States today, so it’s hard to get excited about games that we’re unable to go to, watch or follow.

      1. I must have missed that given the pace everything moves at on here now.

        I think it’s an interesting concept, and it’s a shame there’s no round up show for you lot as that’s where some of the great FA Cup stories emerge from every year.

        I was in Chester yesterday and saw their fans all over the place, usually it’s full of Liverpool or Everton fans. Funnier enough I think their demise coincided with some dodgy American owner at some point.

        I’m guessing the response to the Kettering article shows their’s little interest in this aspect of the game over here. Which is a shame given the likes of Lambert and Gayle have emerged from clubs at that level, and with cheap foreign players forcing local talent to take one step back to take two forwards it’s likely that more top flight players will start out on similar paths in future.

        1. ICK, I was surprised by the fierce opposition to the Kettering article. That shocked me. But there is an interest in the non-league and football league game here in the States, but it’s very very small. And there’s little to no coverage on TV which compounds the issue.

          Chester is a lovely town.

          Growing up in Wales, I used to love going to non-league matches. Next time I come over, I’ll definitely go to one.

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