20 World Cup Qualifying Matches On US TV & Internet This Afternoon Incl. England-Moldova: Open Thread

If you’re a soccer aficionado and you live in the United States, you’re spoiled with a choice of 20 live World Cup qualifying matches on television and Internet this afternoon.

The matches at your fingertips are:

Friday, Sept. 6
Czech Republic vs. Armenia, Noon, ESPN Deportes, WatchESPN & ESPN3
Macedonia vs. Wales 2pm, ESPN3
Turkey vs. Andorra, 2 p.m., ESPN3
Romania vs. Hungary, 2pm, ESPN3
Malta vs. Denmark, 2pm, ESPN3
Latvia vs. Lithuania, 2:10 p.m., ESPN3
Bosnia-Herzegovina vs. Slovakia, 2:15pm, ESPN3
Georgia vs. France, 2:15pm, ESPN3
Finland vs. Spain, 2:30pm, ESPN Deportes / WatchESPN / ESPN3
Estonia vs. Netherlands, 2:30pm, ESPN3
Slovenia vs. Albania, 2:30pm, ESPN3
Switzerland vs. Iceland, 2:30pm, ESPN3
Serbia vs. Croatia, 2:45pm, ESPN3
Liechtenstein vs. Greece, 2:45pm, ESPN3
Germany vs. Austria. 2:45pm, ESPN3
Northern Ireland vs. Portugal, 2:45pm, ESPN3
Poland vs. Montenegro, 2:45pm, ESPN3
England vs Moldova, 3pm, FOX Sports 1, FOX Soccer 2Go and FOX Deportes
Scotland vs. Belgium 3pm, ESPN3
Colombia vs. Ecuador, 4:20pm, beIN SPORT

Before, during or after today’s matches, post your observations, questions or opinions in the comments section below.

29 thoughts on “20 World Cup Qualifying Matches On US TV & Internet This Afternoon Incl. England-Moldova: Open Thread”

  1. If anyone is watching a match, in particular, today that is a must-see, let us know in the comments section below. With so many matches to choose from, it’s hard to pick which ones to watch.

    I’m watching Macedonia vs Wales right now. It’s been relatively uneventful except for Aaron Ramsey lashing out against Pandev.

    1. ESPN3 is showing a ‘FIFA World Cup Whiparound’ show with Adrian Healey and Taylor Twellman, which has been pretty helpful so far. I’m watching that along with Macedonia vs Wales.

    2. I’m in Canada and watched the England/Moldova game on Rogers Sportsnet (a basic cable channel). The lead commentator was Martin Tyler. Was he the commentator in the US.

      This website lists what was available in Canada on TV. I believe the Ukraine game will be on Rogers Sportsnet again. I believe that game will be on Gol TV USA but not Gol TV Canada.


    1. They’re on TV tonight at 9:30pm ET on beIN SPORT. I’ll do a separate post for tonight’s matches. I wanted to include the afternoon ones first.

  2. Just put on Fox Sports 1 and can not believe how much space is wasted with all the graphics on the screen.

    Going to watch the exciting game of England v Moldova.

  3. Wembley looks much better for night matches than daytime games. England vs Moldova looks beautiful in HD on FOX Sports 1 — except for the bloody crawl across the bottom. Very distracting.

  4. Great to see Rickie Lambert score again for England. Hodgson’s decision to give him a chance in the last couple of games has been well rewarded.

  5. Observations so far…this should be 3/4 -0…Moldova are terrible.

    Walcott looses posession so often… welbeck’s movement is horrible, Cahill is a liability, with the LB being expected to push forward Baines should have started, jack wheelchair is made of wet paper…
    Ukraine will win on Tuesday if England play this bad.

    1. The bonehead was the ref, not Welbeck. Ridiculous yellow card typical of foreign referees who don’t understand the ebb and flow of the game.

      1. I agree it didn’t “deserve” a card, but if Welbeck aspires to be the best then he has to do better than that. Knowing he was carrying a card he let his frustration get the better of him on a pretty meaningless offside call and has cost his team dearly. Not good.

  6. Almost 4 years ago England embarrassed themselves at the SA World Cup, to many older slower players…we need change was the cry…another World Cup just 10 months away and it’s the same old slow players… The last 31/2 years could’ve see the establushment of the younger players…but no…

    The island that personified leadership & innovation is anything but that….What aload of bollox.

    Should’ve culled the old guard and just gone with a better coach and just young players… A sham & a shame all at the same time.

      1. What are you inferring? That the uk was never a leader or innovator or that you think they still are.

        Either way, if either are true it is you that needs to go onthe. To stabalize you, or read more.

  7. I’m enjoying the FIFA World Cup Whiparound on ESPN3, but Taylor Twellman constantly talking over Adrian Healey is getting extremely annoying.

  8. Milner on for lambert…LOL…Roy trying to sure up the result…

    Why not get Defoe on just to give sharpness incase you have to use him on Tuesday….LOL what a joke

  9. How dodgy was that Moldova keeper? I don’t know if they have pubs in Moldova but that was a pub team at best. Job done by England. Excellent performance again by Ricky Lambert – great to see. Plus we saw glimpses of real class by Welbeck. The lad Berkeley looks promising too. A point in Ukraine and I will be researching a trip to Brazil on Expedia.

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