Manchester United Winger Nani Signs New 5-Year Contract

Manchester United winger Nani has ended speculation about his future by signing a new five-year contract with the Old Trafford club.

Nani signed for Manchester United in May 2007, and helped the club win four Premier League titles, two League Cups, a FIFA Club World Cup and the UEFA Champions League in his six seasons at Old Trafford.

There was plenty of speculation last season that Nani was to move back to the European continent to sign with another club, but having stayed at United now that the transfer window has closed, the Portuguese winger is looking forward to next season. He said:

“Playing at United has been a fantastic experience for me. When I came to the Club, I never imagined the success we have enjoyed. Training every day with top players who want to win trophies every year is a great motivation to me. I’m very happy that the new manager has shown this faith in me and I’m looking forward to helping the team compete for more honours this season.”

Manchester United manager David Moyes is pleased at Nani’s decision to sign a new contract.

“I’m really pleased Nani has re-signed for the next five years. He has great ability and experience beyond his 26 years. I’ve been impressed with his approach to training and look forward to working with him in the coming seasons.”

11 thoughts on “Manchester United Winger Nani Signs New 5-Year Contract”

    1. How many times will Rooney keep United hostage until he gets a new contract? He should commit with the contract he already has. Five more years with Nani, great. Never was a fan of his.

  1. I think this is great. I know some people have gotten on his case because he was kinda sulking last season when he wasn’t happy with his contract, but that’s just human nature. Soccer is just a job for a lot of these guys and people who are unhappy with their position or their salary often don’t perform very well. At least the tonic to his malaise is MONEY and that is something United has a LOT of.

    It’s so much better policy to resign players than to continually shuffle the deck. We know that Nani can be a top-class player. Just pay the guy and hope his attitude/play adjusts. If he is still lacking, they can still sell him this summer for the same basic amount as last summer.

  2. I’m sure some United fans are puzzled by this. But if you saw Nani’s brief cameo during the Asia tour (before his injury) and his minutes vs Liverpool, you can see he has a renewed determination.

    He’s shown flashes of week in-week out performer, only to let down the supporters hopes.

    I’m definitely willing to give the guy another shot. He has tremendous potential. This year will be huge for him.

  3. Kind of a surprise but I’m definitely willing to give him another shot and hope for a good outcome. I’d rather see him on the wing than Young and as an attacker rather than Valencia. I like that he can move/roam around also.

    I’d like to see Zaha out there though.

  4. Smart signing. I think Nani’s style of pushing in/moving around works better in Moyes’ preferred system than it did with Fergie where wingers tended to hug the touchline or at least stay wider than wingers did at Everton under Moyes.

    I think he may have a renewed vigor and usefulness to United under Moyes. I am sure under Fergie he would have been gone this summer.

    1. I couldn’t agree more with the last sentence.

      Nothing against SAF or Nani, but it was obvious they weren’t working well together. If SAF stayed, Nani was gone.

    2. Kartik why do you think Moyes turned down Ozil? I cannot fathom a logical reason and if you guys could discuss it on the pod or This Week in Soccer that would be great. Im not like some on here that read the article on WST and just found out about it. Ive known about the Ozil rumours when they first surfaced.

      1. Do we really know that he “turned him down”. Even if he did then Ozil apparently wanted extreme pay which might have upset the OT apple cart.

        1. Ozil wanted 200k a week. That is a fair amount for a player of his quality. If Arsene can pay him that amount then there is no questionthat we could have. Rvp and Rooney are on 250k a week and Ozil is a better player than both so wages were never a factor.

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