Football Manager 14: New Features Announced For Popular Computer Game

For fans that have followed the Football Manager 14 series, which will be available for download on December 1, it’s time to start getting excited about the new release. As always at this time of the year, Sports Interactive has given us plenty to ponder, so without delay, here are some of the new features of the upcoming football management game:

Play Anywhere
In Football Manager 14, you’ll be able to save your games in the cloud. This way, you can play your matches anywhere on any compatible system and not miss a single moment. If this feature works well, I can envision putting in playing time to and from work, and then play the game later on my computer at home. Also for Linux users, you can now play this on your operating system. No word yet if the Play Anywhere feature will be available on iOS or Android devices.

Realistic Transfers and Contracts
Clubs and managers will adopt a more realistic approach to transfers as well as new options to buy, sell and loan players. Managers will now have the ability to loan players back to clubs they were bought from, as well as to select cash/player options. This sounds promising as you can take a more realistic approach to getting the players you want without breaking the bank. This is something that is already being done on the online game Soccer Manager, and sounds like a feature that should have been added a long time ago.

MLS Managers
In Football Manager 14, you have a waiver draft as well as a revamp of the transfer system so it’s more in line with Major League Soccer. Plus, the game features a Senior contract or SEL contract with first round draft picks.

Improved Training reports
I always disliked looking at the training reports. To me, it was just too much information, which was sometimes overwhelming. But the new reporting system in Football Manager 14 appears to give managers a more precise idea of what’s going on and what to expect from their players.

You can get details from your news screen with fewer clicks. This may seem like a minor update, but you can now get all the information you need from your newsfeed without having to click through extra screens. So if you get offered a rare footballer, you have more information readily available at your fingertips without wasting time.

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