Arsenal’s Ozil Wanted To And Was Set to Join Manchester United But Bid Never Came: Nightly Soccer Report

German midfielder Mesut Ozil wanted to, and was set to, join Manchester United but the bid never came, according to Spanish football reporter Graham Hunter.

Hunter reports that Ozil and Ozil’s father were frantically waiting for a call to come in from Manchester United. But unfortunately the call never came in. So, Ozil decided to sign with Arsenal instead, and the German midfielder will be dedicated to the Gunners cause.

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19 thoughts on “Arsenal’s Ozil Wanted To And Was Set to Join Manchester United But Bid Never Came: Nightly Soccer Report”

    1. I sure hope that’s not true. It was a frustrating transfer window. At least this shows that players still want to come to United, despite Sir Alex’s retirement.
      Give Moyes some time. He’s only been in charge since July 1.
      Hope that he gives Kagawa a chance to show what he can do.

    2. He doesn’t know what he’s doing, but it’s not because Ozil wanted to come.

      Believe it or not, Arsene Wenger is still greatly respected in European football. The english media just don’t want to tell you that.

    1. Yeah, this story makes no sense. I’m no Gooner, but between an unsettled Man Utd squad under new leadership and a Arsenal squad where he can play like twirling dervish he is and no apologies for it, come on. Why? It’s not like he’s got some emotional attachment to Man Utd. Hunter’s just letting his red partisanship seep into his rational thinking.

      1. Utd will annonce a record turnover at the end of the year and have the most titles and second most Ucls in England and are the biggest club in England are defensing Champions meanwhile what has arsenal done in the past 10 years. We have been to 3 Ucl finals winning one and have won 5 titles while Arsenal has won nothing.

          1. Presentlywe will announcea record turnover that dwarfs Arsenals and we are defending Epl champions and have a better teamthan Arsenal. Arsenal are the defending joke of England for the past 8 yearsthatslivingin the present right smart guy?

  1. This might be true. Paul Mariner said Real Madrid offered Ozil to United but they weren’t interested. But… they went after Thiago Alcantara and Cesc Fabregas and came up empty, so why would they turn down this type of player if he was available?

    1. Great question. Why wouldn’t Utd sign Ozil? Was it hesitation from Moyes – or did higher-ups balk at Madrid’s asking price?

  2. That all wat you people will say the one we sign we are ok with, if we sign were is kagawa going to play tell me, let him arsenal is ok for him for now please.

  3. Its actually true. 2-3 weeks ago there were many rumours with Ozil to Utd and Moyes reportedly didnt want Ozil and that is the case. Utd is a bigger club than Arsenal and even if Wenger is sucha great manager Ozil would rather play behind Rvp than giroud and also for the defending Champions. In Germany they dont view Arsenal as big as Barca Bayern Utd Real Milan or the Juves of the World a lot of that had to do with the fact that they have never won the European cup and have never been a team challenging for the European Cup. I am german so i know the view. It is true because City and Chelsea did all their business and Psg is a smaller club than Utd and Arsenal and dont look like their even the top dogs in France. Why would Ozil want to go to France he has ambition. His first choice was us and their are multiple sites that ran the story a few weeks ago even espn and lots of big sites had the story. It just shows you how incompetent Of a manager Moyes is.

    1. Yeah, and guess who was at the forefront of those rumours 2-3 weeks ago? Oh yeah, Graham Hunter.

      You’re right, Wenger has never challenged for the Champions League. Oh wait.

      1. Has there ever been a season where Arsenal were a team to beat in the Ucl? They have never beaten bayern or barca in their history and have yet to win a european trophy of note.

        1. My God! When did you started to watch football? 2012

          “Has there ever been a season where Arsenal was a team to beat in the Ucl?”
          Yes, from 2002-2005 Arsenal was overwhelming favourite to win it, in that time even SAF says hand down Arsenal would win it.

          The year two teams from Italy met in UEFA final, Arsenal were favourite, Arsenal went to Italy beat Italia champion As Roma 3-1, and do you remember this?
          The year Morinos Porto won it, Arsenal were the favourite. Do you remember when Arsenal went to Milan against Inter and beat them 5-1, when every English press thought Arsenal will be beaten again in that decisive game, do you?
          For that period of time Arsenal was the overwhelming. It is like the past two year Barcelona were the favourite but, ending get beaten 7-0 by a team were only the fourth favourite.

          For little history for you, early 2000 Arsenal have the better and strongest team in Britain. In 2002-2003 Arsenal went all season without losing an away game, Wenger said they will go all season unbeaten which Ferguson said it is impossible and will ever happen on his watch. Just two year later did happen, when they ask SAF, he says Wenger is a Magician.

          Some people really forget or don’t know how Arsenal used to be strong.

          Sorry for my English.

  4. It shd not be taken as a gospel truth dat utd always sign players anyhowly,but they feel o wat z capable 4 da club but Ozil was a great signing 4 utd.

  5. Regardless, United was insane not to try to get him, IMO. He is exactly the type of creative player that they need (much moreso than Fellaini, without even taking into account how much better he is than Fellaini). Further, they should have been doing everything in their power to try to prevent a rival for a Top 4 spot from getting him. Whether or not Ozil addresses Arsenal’s “true” needs, he makes them a much better side, and a real threat to finish above United in the standings in what appears to be a potentially very crowded Top 6 this season.
    No chance Ozil ends up at Aresnal and not Old Trafford if SAF was still in the picture. He would have seen it as an opportunity to vastly improve his squad and also to “break” a rival.

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