15 thoughts on “Watch the Final Seconds of FOX Soccer’s Last TV Broadcast [VIDEO]”

  1. i had no attachment to fox soccer but for any network to die so the load of waste that is FXX to come into the world is just sad. And that video just makes it depressing

    1. What, were the Europa League replays from 3 years ago and the constant repeats of Being: Liverpool not enthralling enough?

  2. Concerning the sign-on of FXX: I wish Fox had ever. even once, devoted half as much thought and talent to the mediocre Fox Soccer channel.

    1. It’s easy to take shots at FSC but we all need to acknowledge that it did raise the profile of the beautiful game.

      NBC’s coverage has been so good we will soon forget FSC but let’s keep in mind that it did good work for quite a while.

  3. Now that the only soccer specific channel is dead (I loathed it near the end, but I would not be nearly the fan I am today without it), Fox should rebrand FS+ as Fox Sports World. Rugby seems to be aired more frequently than soccer.

  4. just saw wynalda and barton panhandling at the local bus station, brought the two brothers from Trading Places to mind…ho hum.

  5. Fox Soccer Daily is horrible. I tried to get into it, but I found it unwatchable. I miss Fox Soccer Report and even Fox Soccer News. ESPN FC is on air whenever, doesn’t matter what the TV guide says.

  6. Clearly the person who came up with that didn’t have soccer fans in mind… in fact, they probably didn’t think much of soccer to begin with. Saw it as a wasted niche channel. Now Fox can water down even more channels with the same amount of programming they had.

    I don’t share this after the fact hatred of FSC. I loved the channel. For years I could depend on it for EPL, Champions League, FA Cup, and League Cup action. They used the English talent to call the games, no spoiler scores during play. Pre-game and half-time coverage not great, but the soccer was what meant the most to me. Fox can go to heck, but FSC was one of the best channels ever to exist (during daylight hours).

    1. I loved it too. But having the full matchday experience at my fingertips with Extra Time showed me how much I was missing with Fox Soccer. Extra Time gives you a full 15 minutes of pre-match buildup whereas Fox Soccer would just immediately cut in when the whistle blew.

      It was a great way to get our fix, but it could have been so, so much better. And that should be on the FSC tombstone.

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