Marouane Fellaini’s First Interview as a Manchester United Footballer [VIDEO]

The soft-spoken Belgian Marouane Fellaini was interviewed for the first time tonight as a Manchester United player. Watch the video below from his first interview as a Manchester United footballer.

Here’s what David Moyes said about Fellaini, who was signed by United for £27.5million:

“I have worked with Marouane for five years and I’m delighted he has decided to join Manchester United. He is a player with great ability and strength and I think he will make a real difference to our squad.”

15 thoughts on “Marouane Fellaini’s First Interview as a Manchester United Footballer [VIDEO]”

  1. Fellaini is a gud prayer. Bt pls moyes us this players in ur starting eleving. 1 de gea. rafael. evra.ferdinand.vidic.carrick. Fellaini. nani. rooney. van persi. kagawa. subs. Lindergard. Chicharito. Valancia.anderson. Fabio. Jones .evans . Smalling. And d rest., wishes u d best of luck. Up up up man utd,

  2. He’s worth 18M tops but Martinez noted his hair is worth another 10M. His a physical addition and would have thrown his weight around against Pool. I welcome him.

  3. Price aside, Fellaini brings some physical presence to United’s midfield and can play in multiple roles there. His versatility and ability to score 10-15 goals a season will help. He may not be the best midfielder in the world but he is still very skillful both on the ground and in the air. He fulfills United’s needs.

    United’s best piece of business was holding on to Rooney and Kagawa. Even Nani stayed. United have definitely improved their squad and should now be in a position to be competitive in the title race. United, City and Chelsea are still the 3 clubs that will fight it out for the title. Arsenal and Spurs are outsiders and Liverpool a real long shot. Love it that there’s no clearcut favorite. Will make for exciting viewing.

    1. Totally agree. Everyone thinks because other teams are buying players, Man Utd should too. They all know each other and have played for years. They also won the league by 11 points! yeah, I’d say the others may close the gap but not one team is head and shoulders above the rest. Fellaini is a monster in the box and with Young, Evra, Valencia and Nani whipping them in, Utd will win their share of games on the head. Wait and see.

  4. I think united are lucky to get anyone this trans. Window for 2 reasons. 1 – there are 2 prices for every player, their actual value in the market and then there is the ManUnited price tag which is arguably the most inflated of all football clubs. Moyes probably balks at the price tags for a lot of his targets but he knows the game-big club, big pricetag. 2- Ed Woodward is a joke and has no business being in charge of transfers. He is a preschool cornpopper! This transfer window has weaked uniteds prestige and put even more pressure on Moyes. Blame glazers for dropping the ball on the business end of things by appointing a blundering idiot to handle transfer biz! Peace!

  5. Am very happy 4 moyes but i think he should start using nani ’cause he’is a gud player nd i pray 4 quick rooney’s recorvery.we’re gud ’cause we unite.

  6. The transfer fee was not 27.5 million pounds. The actual fee United paid is 23.5 million. Everton were asking for 27.5 million because Fellaini was due 4 million pounds if sold by Everton without him asking for a transfer. When a player puts in a transfer request he forfeits any signing on fees due him. Since United were only willing to pay 23.5 million and Everton wanted 27.5 million, 23.5 to the club and 4 to Fellaini, when Fellaini put in a written transfer request he forfeited the 4 miilion he would have received. So Everton then lowered their price to 23.5 million. So Everton got the 23.5 million they wanted and Fellaini lost out on 4 million. Of course, United might have made it up in his new contract.

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