Manchester United Waiting to Confirm Signing of Fabio Coentrao From Real Madrid: Nightly Soccer Report

There’s no clear answer yet whether Fabio Coentrao has signed for Manchester United or not tonight. There are a series of conflicting press reports (see below) that claim that Coentrao signed for United, didn’t sign for the club, or is awaiting final word from the Premier League.

We’ll find out for sure in the morning.

Here are tonight’s world soccer news headlines:

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4 thoughts on “Manchester United Waiting to Confirm Signing of Fabio Coentrao From Real Madrid: Nightly Soccer Report”

  1. LOL…its not happening, MUFC pulled a Spurs with Moutinho, apparently they faxed the papers to late…LOL

    surely email or efax is fine ? lol

    1. I’m hearing that the initial papers were received before the 11pm deadline, but they had to file the remaining paperwork by midnight, but there’s confusion regarding whether the club made the midnight deadline or not. It’s unclear right now. Conflicting reports.

    2. Dust
      Glad to hear your still upright tough weekend for a Spurs fan.lose to AFC and see your best player in sometime sold.i think your side has picked up some good parts now they have to play as a team.

      1. LOL..yeah, TBH its been fine…

        The NLD was brutal, 1-0 away with a squad still figuring each other out.

        They played the game as tho they were the visiting team. We had more possession more passing accuracy, sure we lost but 1-0 at the scumirates on what is essentially their cup final, is not as bad as it seems when we still couldn’t play our strongest 11 v theirs…i’m sure when we do @ the lane, they’ll be singing Wenger out by then too…LOL

        I take heart in the fact that they held on for dear life in the last 25 mins as we ramped up, Wenger needing defensive subs to keep it together and see out he win..its their cup final and thankfully kept Wenger in his job….

        Which proved to be a great turn of events as they spent £42.5 million on a 1 footed injury prone player not good enough for Real Madrid, Barca, Bayern, Dortmund, Man Utd, CFC, Man City or Spurs that addresses not ONE of their issues.

        Admiral Akbar…”It’s a trap” is i’m sure what the Star Wars Character look alike Ozil will say when he realizes what Wenger’s set up is LOL.

        It’s a long season and Im very happy with the window, Bale going does suck, but, i will not loose any sleep as we have a smashing squad, and when it clicks, man alive its gonna be quite a sight!

        Need everyone to come back from intl duty injury free, then we have 2 games (16 days) to start trying to click before “the bitter one” visits the lane with his team of blue racists…

        Forrest top 4 in the championship… not to bad.. be great to see you up in the BPL…

        I wonder how Farsenal fans feel knowing that while the Bale money was not required to buy the Magnificent Seven, their cash for Ozil helped fund Real Madrid’s purchase of Bale and mean we still made a profit this window..LMAO

        Thanks Goons

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