Arsenal vs Spurs, Liverpool vs Man United & WBA vs Swansea: Open Thread

Before the match between Liverpool and Manchester United kicks off today at 8:30am ET (coverage to begin at 8am ET on NBC Sports Network, for viewers in the United States), the football supporters at Anfield will give an one minute applause to the great Liverpool manager Bill Shankly, who would have celebrated his 100th birthday this week.

Shankly was the Scot who changed Liverpool Football Club and turned them from a second division side into one of the most successful clubs in the history of English football. It’s therefore fitting that Liverpool plays arch-rival Manchester United today since both clubs are the two most successful in England.

History aside, the match should be riveting to watch. David Moyes has never beaten Liverpool at Anfield. Meanwhile, Liverpool have an opportunity to climb into first place in the Premier League with a win. At the same time, Manchester United have a great opportunity to show how strong they are this season even despite Wayne Rooney not being available due to injury.

At the same time that Liverpool-Man United kicks off, West Brom plays Swansea in a match that has been moved to today because of Swansea’s Europa League match this past Thursday.

Last but not least, the match between Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur kicks off at 11am ET today (on NBC Sports Network in the USA). The North London derby is always guaranteed entertainment and this one today will be more intriguing than ever.

Before, during or after today’s match, join the conversation in the comments section below.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

58 thoughts on “Arsenal vs Spurs, Liverpool vs Man United & WBA vs Swansea: Open Thread”

  1. Normally I wouldn’t care who wins the Liverpool v Man Utd match, but if ‘Pool wins then Utd stay below Stoke in the table.

    YNWA……for today. 😉

    1. Guy
      congrats to your Potters away win the Hughes revolution is taking hold.

      My Trees got chopped at the DW they slept walked thru first half. oh well still in good shape Barnsley at home after break

  2. Disappointing performance so far by Manchester United in the first 30 minutes. United are missing Rooney today.

    Great performance so far by Liverpool.

  3. Can anyone confirm if the sound is synced correct. I swear the images is ahead of the sound slightly. Could be my TV setup too.

    1. Yeah I am getting a bit of that too. Sometimes what is required is to unplug your box wait like ten seconds then plug it back in. Other times its a problem on their side.

  4. not a good game so far…but props to the commentators for “treacle”. I knew what it was but I am sure a lot of others, didn’t. HAHAH

  5. It seems that the NBC Sports Extra page refuses to accept my login which I’ve used previously for watching PL. Anyone else have this problem today? Worked fine last week.

  6. I knew it was going to be a rough year without Lukaku for my Baggies, but my goodness. I know at some point they’ll score, but it might be a long time….

  7. Moyes is on his way to keeping his record of not beating a LFC intact.MUFC is digging a deep hole the draw at home with Chelsea put more pressure today’s match and the upcoming match at City.

    1. With both United and City inexplicably trotting out 4-4-2 we could have a really lame derby between the 3d and 4th best teams this year.

      1. I think Kompany will be back for City and that will help the back four for City.I think City will be on the front foot being at home.

  8. Very good win for Swansea to get their first points of the season. West Brom could be in trouble this season.

    What a gutsy win for Liverpool. It wasn’t pretty but they did get the 3 points and are now 5 points better than United. Moyes knows he need to reinforce his midfield which is why he is looking at bringing in 2-3 midfielders before tomorrow’s deadline. It’s still early days but United will be in a much tougher battle to retain their title this season.

    As predicted with all the changes in managers at the top this could be a very open title battle with no clear-cut favourite.

    1. Ian
      congrats on your sides away win i believe your term was “orgasmic” hope it came true for Reds got chopped at the DW did not have a good feeling hope to get 3 pts at home over Barnsley.

      1. After away games under Pulis yesterday’s performance couldn’t be described otherwise :-)

        We didn’t just set up not to lose.

  9. watching this match reminds me why i do not like arlo white he talks to this match 5 to 15 seconds nothing but crowd singing clapping very don’t have to fill every second with your voice.

  10. Congratulations to Arsenal on a well-deserved win today against Tottenham. The Gunners were the better team on the day.

    Brilliant goal by Giroud.

  11. Kyle Martino on Giroud’s goal:
    “It’s good to see him go in with his left foot instead of his favored right foot”

    Will someone please tell him that Giroud is left-footed! Kyle is so poor he really should be replaced. Even his analysis is poor.

  12. Arsenal ran today, Tottenham strolled. Spurs poked it around in endless circles in midfield and when they actually approached the Arsenal penalty area were totally bereft of ideas. Did Soldado play? did anyone see him? Spurs have adapted this overly weighted midfield with Soldado the lonely figure up top. He has that dejected look of a bloke waiting for the last bus unsure if it’s ever going to arrive. Spurs could have played for three weeks without really threatening the Arsenal goal.

    Arsenal totally closed Tottenham down. The only bright moments for Spurs was Townsend and Lloris (their best player so that tells you something). Spurs played like a team who’s never played together, which pretty much covers it. And of course they have another hundred hopefuls arriving before tomorrow night.

    Not sure what game David Pleat was watching when he announced towards the end “Tottenham has controlled the game” Good ole Dave, Spurs to the end!

    Lot of work to do AVB to learn how to play as a team.

    1. Spurs did have more of the ball for long periods but had no end product. Arsenal were very dangerous on the break and defended really well. For once Arsenal did not control the game like they usually do and it was even more surprising as it was at the Emirates.

      Spurs are in transition and the new players not only have to get to know one another better but a new league as well. I see them struggling for a while yet before they can gel.

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