Sky Sports Transfer Deadline Day Program Will Not Be Televised In United States

The annual event that is the Transfer Deadline Day program on Sky Sports, which has been shown live on television the past few years by FOX Soccer, will not be televised on US television this Monday.

The summer transfer window in England closes on Monday night at 11pm UK time/6pm ET. During previous years, we’ve been entertained by last day transfer stories, Peter Odemwingie showing up unannounced at QPR’s Loftus Road, through-the-car-window interviews with Harry Redknapp, joyous supporters celebrating a transfer signing in front of the Sky Sports cameras and Premier League clubs signing massive stars. All on the last day.

When FOX Soccer pulled the plug on Sky Sports News on US television on June 30, it was a huge blow for soccer fans who enjoyed watching the daily news program that featured news, interviews and entertaining personas such as Jim White. Now, on the biggest day of the year for viewers of Sky Sports News, soccer fans in the United States will be missing out on its coverage.

In lieu of there being no Sky Sports News on US television this Monday, World Soccer Talk will have a live Google Hangout On Air where we’ll provide you with all of the news, analysis, video and images from the transfer deadline day.

We’ll feature analysis from World Soccer Talk senior writer Kartik Krishnaiyer, EPL Talk Podcast pundit Morgan Green and World Soccer Talk’s editor/publisher Christopher Harris.

Coverage will begin this Monday, Labor Day, at 8am ET and will continue through the day. Tune in and watch the live video.

RSVP today as a reminder. Or visit World Soccer Talk on Monday for our Transfer Deadline Day special.

37 thoughts on “Sky Sports Transfer Deadline Day Program Will Not Be Televised In United States”

  1. No biggie. I’m very happy to swap being able to watch every Saints’ game live against being able to watch an hour of live transfer stuff on TV (I say ‘an hour’ – for a lot of people who work normal-ish hours in the US they didn’t get to see any of it live anyway…)

    SkySports News not being on full stop does suck a bit but like I said – I’ll swap this any day for every game live…

  2. Actually it is Labor Day so most people won’t be at work – but whatever… NBC’s Prem coverage overrides what we have lost with Fox.

  3. BBC, Sky and Talksport are all going big with wall to wall coverage on Monday. There must be some way you can tap into this coverage.

  4. Another nail in the coffin for English football in the States. The FA and EPL bosses must be really proud of themselves. It will take years to recover from this. And NBCSN’s coverage of the EPL so far has been a debacle (unless you are a Southampton fan, apparently).

    1. A “debacle”? How so, if you please?

      Commentary on this site has been overwhelmingly positive, so I wonder what you have been reading…..or thinking.

      1. Every game has not been “televised.” watching it online is not “television.” The on demand replays don’t work in my area–a Concasy Xfinity subscriber (the feeds are scrambled). The Palace-Sunderland match on NBC yesterday was interrupted for a news bulletin. The “Goals” recap show is silly–no leadup action to the goal, just the kick. They show more of the goal celebrations that the actual play leading to the goal. The “Stat Pack” show or whatever its called is useless–stats are mostly meaningless in soccer. And finally, the ratings–oh dear. In the US, if you are not on ESPN you might as well not exist. BeinSport does a far better job, despite having too many leagues to cover.

        1. Every match has been televised live by NBC. The TV ratings have been the best opening to a Premier League season ever on US television.

          1. Every game televised? That’s misleading. Why is that misleading?

            Because last year when games were televised on FSC you knew exactly where they would be, and they would run full match replays throughout the week. Games were either on FSC or FS+. And if you wanted to watch on demand as I did, you could pay for FoxSoccer2Go and watch every match on demand. Only matches not there were the ones on demand on ESPN3. So last year I got jsut about every EPL match on demand, when I wanted.

            This year you say NBC has broadcast every match. As a Dish customer, no it hasn’t. Every game that has been on extra time has not been on tv at all. But, even though the extra time matches are live online, they are not on demand. I unfortunately only have one set of eyes, and I prefer paying attention to the match I’m watching, so I can watch one of the live games at a time. Then I’m out of luck for the others. They’re not replayed on tv aside from 2 of the matches NBC/NBCSN broadcast that weekend. There’s no opportunity to pay to watch them online, on demand. There’s no EPL games on demand on ESPN3 anymore either.

            Sorry, but coverage last year was more impressive, more options, more access. If last year someone said Fox is broadcasting most EPL matches, well, it did, and replayed them, and cable carriers followed through. This year however while technically NBC is showing all matches, the cable carriers are all offering different amounts. Dish appears to be the worst. Direct TV customers don’t get games on demand online either. There’s no option to pay for a subscription anywhere to watch most matches on demand.

            Until NBC forces all carriers to actually have all the extra time games on tv, AND at least offer a subscription service with an option to pay to watch most games online, on demand, it’s worse than last year. This year it’s FAR TOO dependent on which carrier you have. Last year it was the same across the board.

            1. Jay, every game is televised live. If your TV provider isn’t making every game available to you, you need to call DISH.

              NBC can’t force all carriers to have all the Premier League Extra Time games on TV. It’s up to each TV provider.

              If you’re not getting the service you need from DISH, switch to DirecTV or another provider who is willing to offer everything to soccer fans.

          2. Stop saying every match is “televised” live. That simply isn’t true. For one thing, several matches are happening simultaneously. They might be “streaming” them live but that’s not televising them. They actually show fewer matches on TV than Fox did.

        2. John, you are a complete moron if you think that fox gave you more options last year. The fact that foxsoccer2go charged 20 dollars a month, makes your argument completely ridiculous. They had a 12 hour delay on the bigger games for crying out loud! The NBC coverage is free, with great commentary and is supposed to be accessible for everyone! Dish network is who you should be having issues with….you’re the one who is dumb enough to choose that television provider and for that you can suffer and blame only yourself! What a joke!!

    2. Every game has been televised. Every frickin game. How can you label this a debacle? We’ve never been so blessed with this much televised soccer before. Enjoy it for God’s sake.

      1. Televised for some I guess. We have Premier League Extra Time on Xfinity in Twin Cities. But it has not worked since the season started.

        But the TV coverage of the main games has been way better than fox and one can always tap in to the online feed from anywhere.

        I would take this over Fox anyday.

  5. There is no bigger time bandit than a deadline day show, in any sport.

    No tears will be shed in Bishopville over this.


    1. Agreed. In the end, much ado about not much. A lot of silly talking head “on the scene” reporting and pointless speculation. But that’s just me…..and you. 😉

  6. SiriusXM’s footy channel (ch94 on XM) offers live talk and coverage 24hrs a day, most of it straight from the UK. Definitely worth listening to!

  7. It’s really disappointing how much Fox has regressed in its soccer coverage so far this season. This week, Fox could have shown the Champions League draw and UEFA Super Cup on either FS1 or Fox Soccer, but instead relegated them to channels with much smaller distribution. Now with deadline day coverage, this is another piece of soccer programming where Fox is dropping the ball.

    1. As I noted above, I don’t really care, but I totally agree with your comment. Decision making at FOX has become more of a joke than ever.

    1. Yes. They are planning on televising six hours of car auctions. To be followed by shows about deer hunting.
      Seriously, on Saturdays–football’s biggest day–they show soccer in the a.m. but by noontime have switched to something utterly ridiculous and unrelated. Maybe next time the EPL will sign to the Cooking Channel.

  8. I was looking forward to Transfer Deadline Day especially this one as the Bale transfer impacts Arsenal in particular. When this happens will be important. Apparently Spurs are deliberately delaying the transfer because Arsenal are interested in some of Real Madrid’s players and Real won’t sell their players until the Bale deal is completed. There are other clubs also interested in players from Real.

    Spurs want to make sure that Arsenal aren’t able to get their targets in by the deadline. So the Bale transfer will probably happen closer to 11 PM to not allow Arsenal enough time to complete their transfer from Real. Should Arsenal have some pre-agreement with Real and their players then that would make it very interesting.

    Too bad we won’t be able to get TV coverage here in the U.S.A. And it’s a holiday too.

  9. NBC coverage is not what was promised.
    Im not a fan of watching games on line.
    Last season you had 7 of the 10 fixtures live on TV, As long as you had FSC, FS+ and ESPN2.
    Also what happened to all the extra TV shows they promised?

    1. All 10 games per weekend are shown live on television. If you don’t have access to all, you may want to change your TV provider.

      NBC has been broadcasting a ton of extra TV shows every week including Premier League Game Zone, MOTD, MOTD II, Match Pack, etc.

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