Tottenham Hotspur Sign Christian Eriksen; Dane is Tottenham’s Seventh Signing This Summer

Tottenham Hotspur have signed Danish creative midfielder Christian Eriksen.

Eriksen becomes Tottenham’s third signing in the past 24 hours after signing Vlad Chiriches and Erik Lamela earlier in the day. Eriksen, Lamela and Chiriches also join the other new Tottenham signings this summer: Roberto Soldado, Nacer Chadli, Etienne Capoue and Paulinho, bringing Tottenham’s signings this summer to a whopping seven players.

The Danish international Eriksen joins Tottenham from Ajax. He played 161 games for Ajax, scoring 33 times.

The attacking midfielder, capped 37 times by Denmark, helped Ajax win three consecutive Eredivisie championships between 2011 and 2013.

The signing of Eriksen could be Tottenham’s last signing before they announce that Real Madrid have signed Gareth Bale. An announcement is expected later today.

11 thoughts on “Tottenham Hotspur Sign Christian Eriksen; Dane is Tottenham’s Seventh Signing This Summer”

  1. Wow….Spurs are really signing a lot of players. The only thing I wonder is if they’re going for bulk over excellence. I mean, I think all the players they’ve signed are really nice players, but they already had some pretty nice players at most positions.

    I guess time will tell. Did they just need to generally add quality depth to their squad to better manage the whole season?

  2. They added depth, but I really can’t believe you’re suggesting they are nothing but back-ups. Paulinho, Lamela, Eriksen, and Chadli will all start every PL game they are healthy, Capoue has looked brilliant so far (arguably better than Sandro) and Chadli and Chiriches will definitely get their share of play. Make no mistake, this team is far better and more balanced than it was last season with Bale.

  3. Levy, the gift that just keeps on giving!

    What a lineup of players we now have, with two quality players for almost every position. Left back and second striker still to come in before deadline day i am told. I just cannot remember a transfer window like this in all my born days.

    1. no club could hold on to bale for that money but its clear ,owner:joe louise, chairman :dan levy, manager :avb want only the very best for Tottenham hotspur f.c. like to say thanks boys. coys .o ya

  4. What a time to be a spurs fan!

    Where are those Spurs fans of just a year ago that were on here slating levy and AVB?……[silence]…hmm interesting.

    This spree is not related to the bale money either…it’s based off Joe Lewis making a calculated business decision and was the plan all along as laid out on Lewis yacht in the summer.

    Believe what you want…but bale going was not part of the calculations in spending this cash, if he goes, then sure well have a net spend of 1.7m … But all the credible opinion I’ve read points to this being independent of bale move.

    Lewis & levy know what they’re doing, Baldini has a vast network he leverages and this means the innovative mad professor that is AVB can focus on making it all work!

    Sunday should be intresting…Ian fully expecting dramatics from Wilshite & Santi Fallover as they are muted and put in there place by a combo of Kapow, Sandro, Paulinho, Démbèle, Super Jan & Kaboom!


  5. I’m just wondering how many creative midfielders you really need? It’s goals that count and if Soldado keeps firing blanks with the current tactics then they need to put their only other dedicated striker – Defoe – back in. One thing’s for certain if Tottenham do not overhaul Arsenal and make the top four AVB will be looking for a new job.

    1. What creative midfielders to Spurs have?

      Chadli (new)
      Erik the Viking (new)
      Lamela (new)
      Townsend ? We’ll see
      Lennon, not good enough
      Carroll … I’m hopeful

      To say that before the 3 additions we had enough is madness.

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