Real Madrid Agree Personal Terms With Gareth Bale

Real Madrid edged a giant step closer to securing the transfer of Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Gareth Bale today by agreeing personal terms with the Welshman, according to the BBC.

BBC chief sports correspondent Dan Roan said:

“While discussions in Madrid have taken some days, it’s important to stress this was always a formality.

“The agreement over personal terms has no bearing on the timing of the actual transfer being announced.

“The conclusion of the talks over personal terms [are] separate from negotiations between Real Madrid and Spurs regarding the amount and structuring of a transfer fee.

“All that remains now is for Spurs to formally accept Real Madrid’s offer and to agree on simultaneous announcements.”

Real Madrid have bid £86million for Bale, but Tottenham Hotspur have yet to make a decision. Spurs have also received an offer of £70million that would be one up-front payment instead of the £86million that would be spread over four years.

10 thoughts on “Real Madrid Agree Personal Terms With Gareth Bale”

  1. I’ll miss you Gareth, i just wish you had showed up for work for those last few days. I will now remember you as the sulky little boy that disrespected the fans that loved you.

    Onward and upwards for the mighty Spurs.

    On a side note have Tottenham accepted Real’s offer? i haven’t read any where that they have.

  2. Gareth Bale is not a good fit for that league or that team. He was born to play in the Prem. It wouldn’t surprise me if Spurs went on to have the better season of the two teams based on their recent signings.

  3. I give him two seasons and he’ll be back in the prem, at a cut rate price playing for Spurs again. Top British players hardly ever play their careers outside of the EPL.
    I wonder if Ronaldo will get the hump like Rooney because someone else has taken the top spot on his team?

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