Chelsea vs Bayern Munich, UEFA Super Cup: Open Thread

The winners of the 2013 UEFA Champions League face the winners of the 2013 UEFA Europa League today to determine who will lift the UEFA Super Cup trophy. The match features Bayern Munich against Chelsea, which is being played in Prague. For viewers in the United States, the match will be shown live on FOX Sports 2, FOX Deportes and FOX Soccer 2Go.

While the match is a high priority among most English football supporters, Liverpool have done relatively well in the tournament in previous years. They’re three-time winners compared to Manchester United who has only won it once.

No German club has ever won the UEFA Super Cup.

Before, during or after today’s match, join the conversation with fellow football supporters in the comments section below.

15 thoughts on “Chelsea vs Bayern Munich, UEFA Super Cup: Open Thread”

  1. Why show a rerun of a Man United game or a NASCAR practice run on instead of this game? I dont understand. They just created this “sports” channel and dont show anything on it. NASCAR or UFC is the only real thing I see on it ever. Or some stupid sports show with Regis as the host. Cant wait for the World Cup when they have it……..

    1. It’s on FOX Sports 2, which used to be FUEL. FOX, in their infinite wisdom, decided to show a practice NASCAR race on FOX Sports 1.

    2. Yeah. Thanks, Fox. Nice job. I considered signing up for a “free” two week trial of FoxSoccer 2GO it seems ridiculously complicated and I don’t trust them not to charge me.

  2. NASCAR will out-rank soccer on FS1 for several years for a simple reason:

    I’ve been reading blogs where people are threatening bodily harm to the people who took SPEED away and made it FS1. Even though I enjoy NASCAR a lot, soccer fans gotta stay classy. We wouldn’t do that.

    So until we threaten bodily harm I guess we have to take being behind NASCAR. (Not endorsing the idea)

    Side note: SPEED did better ratings during its 1st 2 weeks in existence than FS1 has so they know they need to cater to car people for this reason as well.

  3. Lukaku’s looked like he had no idea what he was doing at that PK…how awkward.
    Disappointing loss, but a loss that doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of the season.

  4. Mourinho Out!Bring back Di Matteo. :-)

    With all the skillful players Chelsea have why do they need to play such dire football? Even Benitez’s Chelsea were more exciting.

    Thank God Bayern won. I’m sure Chelsea fans will remind everyone that they did win the CL a couple of years ago which is a more important trophy. That they didn’t deserve it won’t matter one bit.

    1. How can you not deserve a trophy?
      Because Chelsea played defensively? Incase you didn’t know the defense makes up half the team and is as important as attack.
      People seem to think Chelsea just won a pk shootout rather than the facts they put 3 passed Barca and scored as many as Bayern, Get over yourself.

  5. When will players learn the ‘stutter-step penalty never works (unless your name is Balotelli). Either place it or fire it as hard as you can, for crissakes!

  6. Another game for Pep over Mourinho, of course Mourinho will say it was team v team not manager v manager when his loses.

    1. Nope. Not this time. This time he blamed a UEFA conspiracy.

      And for good measure he made sure to say that the best team lost.

      Boo hoo, Jose. Go back to hell.

    2. Bayerns results and performances are already showing that Pep is out his depth now he hasn’t got Messi to save him game after game. The result was a draw with Bayern needing a deflection to score with the last kick. Get over your hatred of Jose and look at it objectively. Dortmund will win the German League and Bayern will not win in Europe that’s very clear.

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