Everton Dismiss Manchester United’s £36m Bid For Leighton Baines and Marouane Fellaini

Everton have dismissed Manchester United’s bid of £36million for Leighton Baines and Marouane Fellaini, according to The Guardian newspaper. The revised bid is an improved offer from the £28million that United made 10 days ago. However, the offer is still less than what Everton chairman Bill Kenwright values the players at.

Talks are expected to continue between now and Monday night, when the transfer window closes. Whether United and Everton will come to an agreement, we’ll have to wait and see. But while Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City and Chelsea are spending considerable amounts of money to sign quality players, Manchester United are taking the slow and laborious route of trying to pinch every penny.

Everton manager Roberto Martinez, meanwhile, is trying not to pay attention to transfer rumors, and is concentrating on his squad. He said:

“I said last night after the game, I am not going to talk about stories and speculation. We are at the end of the transfer window and we will have to cope with those stories. We can’t lose focus and we must concentrate on the games.

“I am not going to comment on anything on the transfer window, coming in or going out. If there is anything to say, the fans will be the first ones to know. We will let them know.

“It is getting a little bit too much at the moment. It’s not just here, in every dressing room you get these sorts of stories and I think we need to do something to protect the league and the players. We need to be respectful to the fans and stop all this transfer window business when the games are going on.

“But we are not going to stop looking for more new faces. I think it is right that we look around and try to find the right personalities that can fit in in the dressing room. We are trying to bring players in and we will keep on trying to do that until the end of the window.”

11 thoughts on “Everton Dismiss Manchester United’s £36m Bid For Leighton Baines and Marouane Fellaini”

  1. Both players will move to United by the deadline. The parties are only 4 million pounds apart so expect something to be worked out either through add-ons or United paying closer to 40 million but via a staggered payment plan.

    When this happens what will become of Evra? I don’t see them both playing together.

    1. Evra will stay at least until Jan, nice rotation options through all the tourney’s and international games.

  2. With all the money spent by Chelsea and Spurs to buy players with no BPL experience, United will get both players at way less than 25 million each which is a bargain. Not only do Baines and Fellaini have BPL experience but know the manager’s methods inside out.

    Once again United get two proven players with quality for a bargain price. Just like they got RVP last season. Moyes is carrying on the United tradition.

    1. Baines is so over rated same for Fellaini. 20 million for A 29 year old Baines is not a good price. Why would you replace a 31 yr old Evra for A 29 year old Baines. Coentrao who plays for Real madrid is a much better player than Baines who has not even played the Europa league much less Champions league. That whole BPL experience statement was pretty ignorant. I guess because Ozil has not played Bpl that would make Mata a better signing? I would take willian Schurlle Lamela Chadli etc over Ashley Young and the one Dimensional Valencia. The best players dont play in the prem anymore. Fellaini cant pass a ball for his life. He can only chest down long balls and at Manchester United we dont play that way. If Baines or Fellaini were so good why havent any of the European sides made bids for them. Chelsea need a holding mid so if Fellaini was so good why have they not put a bid in. In England they rate players for two things Heading and crossing and thats what both those two players do best.

      1. I suspect that if you end up signing them, you will be changing your opinion of both players. Baines in particular

      2. In today’s market both players are worth 20+ million. They may not be as skillful as others but they are not average players either. The marketplace dictates fees. Bale is not worth anywhere near 86 million but that’s what he’s going for.

        Fellaini in particular is very good with the ball at his feet and is a decent header of the ball as well.

        Baines is a better crosser of the ball than Evra and the way United like to get bodies in the box he suits them well.

        Both players fit United’s needs. That’s why United want them. It’s making purchases like this that has kept United on top for so long.

      3. Baines isn’t being sold for 20 million. Just because they might settle on 40 million for the pair doesn’t mean the value is split down the middle.

        Personally I think Baines is worth 20 million but because he’s older than Fellaini and he’s a fullback, the prices are discounted.

        Baines is 28 and Evra is 32. Not sure where you got your 2 year age discrepancy from. It’s almost 4 years difference.

        Baines is one of the best crossers in the world. His passing and movement is also really high. He’s great at set pieces and his workrate is phenomenal. He never gets injured or misses games. His defense is above average at the position. He’s only real flaw is that he’s not very good at heading the ball.

        Baines is clearly an upgrade over Evra. There’s a reason he was picked for the Premier League Team of the Year.

  3. As much as I hate to see Baines go, and I really do, I think 40 mil. for the pair is probably a good piece of business for Everton (and perhaps United also). Fellaini doesn’t seem to have a defined role in the Martinez system, and while Baines will missed, Oviedo should be at least competent at left back. If the money is used to sign a creative midfielder, it’s an overall positive for the club. If the money is used to pay down debt, the side will struggle to finish in the top half.

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