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Tottenham Manager Andre Villas-Boas Confirms Gareth Bale Sale Will Go Ahead For World Record Fee

gareth bale times square Tottenham Manager Andre Villas Boas Confirms Gareth Bale Sale Will Go Ahead For World Record Fee

Tottenham Hotspur manager Andre Villas-Boas confirmed today that Gareth Bale will be sold for a world-record transfer fee.

“This [transfer] can happen in a different way … [but] Tottenham will accept most likely the biggest transfer in world football.

“It could happen very very soon. It might not happen so soon so I suppose it could go to the last days or it cld happen in the next two.”

Villas-Boas admitted that Tottenham are in the final stages of drafting Bale’s contract with Real, stating “It’s a dream move for him.”

Despite the soon-to-be-finalized transfer being wrapped up, the Tottenham boss hasn’t been pleased by Bale’s behavior, where the Welshman has missed the past two days of training. Villas-Boas said:

“The fact that he [Bale] hasn’t turned up … I don’t think it’s the correct behavior.”

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21 Responses to Tottenham Manager Andre Villas-Boas Confirms Gareth Bale Sale Will Go Ahead For World Record Fee

  1. christian says:

    Let’s just keep dragging this out.

  2. Hickorywind says:

    As a Spurs fan, I just want this to be over. I’m guessing others probably feel the same.

  3. jtm371 says:

    Will Dust finally admit that Bale is going to RM?I banged dempsey when he left Fulham so i think Bale could have handled it better.will miss watching him big step and a lot of pressure to perform hope he has been working on his off foot.

  4. yespage says:

    Is there a source for the quotes? There is no link included in the article, unless The Gaffer was talking directly to Villa Boas.

    Though, I think that is the best set of “Related posts” for an article yet!

  5. Guy says:

    “Hate” is a word I seldom use, but I hate and I mean HATE that the transfer window extends beyond the opening of the season.

    Sept. 2nd, 11:00 p.m. BST—-Darlin’ be home soon.

  6. Who Dat says:

    Scratch the Spurs from the list of “big” EPL clubs.

    Tottenham is a “selling” club.

    • COYS_USA_D1 says:

      “Selling” such an idiotic statement. Most clubs sell there players. Only a handful of teams dont sell their players in the football world. The difference is can that team make a profit when they sell their players. Tottenham is arguably the best at turning a profit on its players and yet they still are in the top tear of the EPL. You cant turn down 90m for a player. No team would turn that down.

      You statement shows your lack of knowlegdge of the English game.

    • ben says:

      Kind of like how Man U is selling club since they sold Ronaldo to Madrid.

    • Hickorywind says:

      Hmmm, does hat also mean we’re a “buying” club, as several players have been purchased this Summer (including today) for not insignificant sums of money.

  7. IanCransonsKnees says:

    Lovely, he can dive and roll until his heart’s content in La Liga.

  8. Wongo1 says:

    They had better win something because they have spent a serious amount of cash this window.

  9. Frill Artist says:

    Real Madrid poaching players as usual.

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