Tottenham Hotspur In Talks With Ajax Over Christian Eriksen, Says Report

Tottenham Hotspur are in talks with Ajax over the potential signing of highly-rated midfielder Christian Eriksen, according to a report in De Telegraaf.

According to the Dutch newspaper, Ajax values Eriksen at £12.8million, which is far greater than the £6.8million offer that Tottenham has made for the Danish footballer. Eriksen only has ten months remaining on his contract, so the paper writes that a more realistic offer of £8.5million may be enough to convince Ajax to sell Eriksen.

Tottenham are one of many clubs who are interested in signing 21-year-old Eriksen. With 37 caps for Denmark, Eriksen is regarded as the best footballer at Ajax, the current Eredivisie champions.

De Telegraaf reports that the negotiations between Ajax director Marc Overmars, Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy and his technical director Franco Baldini are expected to continue.

2 thoughts on “Tottenham Hotspur In Talks With Ajax Over Christian Eriksen, Says Report”

    1. Agree with you mate,the price is within Liverpool’s budget. The thing is somehow this Eriksen chap wants to play in the UEFA Champions League and I got to be honest here,Spurs seems unlikely to have that…lets just say they lack of X-factor at that level yet..No offense intended here,it is just me.

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