Leighton Baines Has Asked Everton to Agree Deal With Manchester United: Daily Soccer Report

Leighton Baines has asked Everton to agree a deal with Manchester United, according to an exclusive article in The Independent newspaper.

The paper reports that Baines has asked Everton manager Roberto Martinez and club chairman Bill Kenwright to push through a deal so that the left back can play Champions League football.

Baines has been the subject of three bids from United this summer. It’s anticipated that Manchester United will make a fourth and final bid for Baines before the transfer window closes on Monday.

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18 thoughts on “Leighton Baines Has Asked Everton to Agree Deal With Manchester United: Daily Soccer Report”

    1. This is the dumbest type of thought process ever. Teams can freely buy, sell, and cut players at their own expense. But when a player is doing well or wants out. “Ohh they should honor their contract” or “oh they should shut up because theyre making way more money than me to play a game”. Sick and tired of this type of mindset

      1. Any other type of contract in the world is usually broken at the expense of the party wishing to end it, thats why this mindset is prevalent. Footballers wishing to move are invariably rewarded yet any type of signed contract I wish to end would penalise me, and usually heavily…

        1. You’re missing a painfully obvious fact, transfer values are somewhat reliant on how much time left a plaer has on their contracts as well in order to be fairly compensated.
          Where are you when a player is let out of a contract with 2-3 years left and team get out with paying a very small percent of left over contract? Where is your anger when your club scoops up a player from another club that doesn’t want to get rid of him but your club is offering a nice sum of money…

          1. You’re right. Very few players are picked up on free transfers because they honoured their contract. Let’s get off this “needs to honour his contract” talk everytime a player is subject to a move.

        2. The only way to appease you is by eliminating transfer windows and only allowing “free agents” to move… Which is completely assanine

      2. In your own words, as a “rich club” you have the luxury of throwing money to attract players. If that is not in Man U’s tradition then maybe you are little too biased.

        Baines can leave on his own free will, but it doesn’t change the fact that Moye$ is contradicting himself.

  1. Evra was solid the other day but I reckon 6 months down the road when the games are crucial, Utd might need a solid replacement.
    Where the hell are Fox Sports 1 getting their information that Utd are “making a move” for David Luis???

  2. I still don’t see the value in this move. I’d rather United go after someone younger than a guy pushing thirty, just because our incumbent, whom I prefer, is pushing 33.

    I’d rather see united have a go at Luke Shaw at Southampton.


  3. As an Evertonian this saddens me greatly, though it’s not a huge surprise. Hopefully the fee will be fair, and best of luck to Baines, who’s been a great representative of the club.

  4. Everton and Martinez completely deny this rumor. Doesn’t mean it’s not true but why do people assume these types of articles are based on fact? There’s no source listed or even indicated at.

    It’s ridiculous the amount of crap that gets put out during the transfer season. I tend to doubt everything until it actually happens.

    1. Last night’s Nightly Soccer Report mentioned that Roberto Martinez denied the story – http://worldsoccertalk.com/2013/08/28/samuel-etoo-to-rekindle-relationship-with-jose-mourinho-at-chelsea-nightly-soccer-report/

      Having said that, I would add that you can’t always trust what managers or clubs say either. They’re protecting their own interests. I believe Martinez more than I do most managers, but I don’t take the word of football clubs as gospel either.

  5. Martinez denies that Baines put in a transfer request. Not that Baines has asked Everton to accept a bid from United. Not the same thing.

    Players are reluctant to put in a formal transfer request because they miss out on a signing on fee which is about 10% of the transfer fee. They get the signing on fee only if the club sells the player without a written transfer request. That’s why Bale hasn’t put in an official transfer request or he would lose 8.6 million pounds (if the fee is 86 million).

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