The Complexities of Greek Club Football: The Football Vagabond Series [VIDEO]

Founder/Editor of Howler magazine, George Quraishi, recently traveled to Greece to learn about the tumultuous world of Greek football and the complex but storied rivalries between clubs such as Olympiacos and Panathinaikos, as well as Aris and PAOK.

Quraishi also continues his journey to Greece and dives deeper into the corruption and financial difficulties of Greek football.

Watch the very enlightening three part series below:

The Derby of the Eternal Enemies – Olympiacos v. Panathinaikos | the Football Vagabond, Ep. 1

Love & Money | the Football Vagabond, Ep. 2

Saloniki – Aris & PAOK | the Football Vagabond, Ep. 3

H/T Thanks to World Soccer Talk reader Kris for bringing this series to my attention.

2 thoughts on “The Complexities of Greek Club Football: The Football Vagabond Series [VIDEO]”

  1. I used to follow the Greek League religiously until a few years ago. I was introduced to the sport in Greece and became a Panathinaikos fan. The issues in Greek football are a cultural problem as hooliganism is allowed to run wild, match fixing is prevalent, and financially the teams can’t compete at a big stage anymore. Greek teams can’t keep their talent or attract talented veterans like Rivaldo and Gilberto Silva. It’s sad to see the state of the game in Greece as dire as it’s economic situation. Athenian powerhouse AEK was relegated after 50+ years in the top flight due to mismanaging finances. Panathinaikos is now supporter owned and has essentially become mid table. Olympiakos no longer has ambition to make it out of group stage of the champions league and is content with dominating a watered down league. It is awful to see the game in Greece like this when only a decade ago Greek teams made the Quarterfinal and Semis of the Champions League.

    Hopefully PAOK can beat Schalke today and restore some pride to Greece.

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