Manchester United vs Chelsea Match Drew 536,000 Viewers On NBCSN

The average viewing audience for Monday’s broadcast of Manchester United against Chelsea on NBCSN was 536,000. In comparison to previous Monday broadcasts of the Premier League during the early part of the season (August-December), it ranks as the number two all-time record, second only to the 540,000 who watched Manchester United against Tottenham in August 2011 on ESPN2.

To put that into perspective, the telecast was the most watched sports program all day Monday in the 18-34 male age group. The match also marked NBCSN’s best weekday audience since the 2012 London Olympics. Viewership peaked at 682,000 viewers from 4:30-4:45 p.m.

NBC Sports Live Extra’s live stream of the match generated 3,207,658 live minutes and averaged 51.8 minutes per visit. Both are records for Premier League streaming on NBC Sports Live Extra and are comparable to many established U.S.-based sports streams.

The 3.2 million live minutes for the match, which began at 3 p.m. ET and required verification, surpassed NBC’s two NFL preseason games this year and every Notre Dame Football stream last season, both of which did not require verification of a cable/satellite/telco subscription. It also surpassed all NHL streams with the exception of Stanley Cup Final games. In live minutes, Manchester United-Chelsea was the second-highest NBCSN stream in NBC Sports Live Extra history, behind only Game 2 of the 2013 Stanley Cup Final (3,236,341).

In other news, the TV viewing audience for MLS’s game between Seattle Sounders and Portland Timbers on ESPN2 drew 346,000 viewers on Sunday night (a 0.3 overnight rating).

15 thoughts on “Manchester United vs Chelsea Match Drew 536,000 Viewers On NBCSN”

    1. Hopefully the dire nature of the match didn’t permanently scare away any new viewers.* I blame Mourinho.

      * As a relatively long time and committed follower of the sport I at least could find interest in the match but I could imagine how someone who does not have a strong understanding of all the factors in play would not have been able to find a whole lot of entertainment in it.

      1. Moyes is to blame.He had no desire to win and was terrified of losing.Onus is always on the home team to be more adventurous.Moyes was too scared to lose.

        1. huh? Mou parked the bus and you’re blaming Moyes? Didn’t the fact that Mou’s side didn’t start a proficient striker like Ba or Torres give you an idea that this was a defensive setup?

  1. I just wonder how many more streaming minutes they would have had if TWC and Brighthouse were Authenticated customers. Especially as there was a thunderstorm in the Tampa area in the 2nd half rendering Direct Tv useless.

    1. Good point regarding TWC. I was at work during the first half, and thus wasn’t able to stream the game. Had to wait until I got home in time for the second half.

    1. That match had 1.1 million viewers on ESPN (not ESPN2)… actually in many ways 536,000 on NBC SN in August is more impressive than 1.1 million on ESPN at the end of April (April 30, 2012). Think about the context, etc.

      1. Oh, I don’t disagree. Was just curious.

        My own anecdotal evidence of # of people in my local pub on a Monday afternoon also put the United/City game at about 2x the crowd.

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