Interview With Nick Geber: Voices Of Soccer

Kartik Krishnaiyer recently sat down with World Soccer Radio host Nick Geber for the second episode of the new weekly World Soccer Talk interview show, Voices of Soccer.

In the episode, Krishnaiyer and Geber discuss a range of topics including his time with World Soccer Daily, the growth of soccer in the United States, his memories of Dave O’Brien and World Cup 2006 and much more.

Hosted by Kartik Krishnaiyer, Voices Of Soccer is a new weekly program that will feature exclusive interviews with remarkable people from the world of soccer. In addition to Voices of Soccer, World Soccer Talk recently launched This Week In Soccer, a weekly discussion show and a mini-documentary about one of the most historic soccer clubs in US history. Plus, the EPL Talk Podcast from World Soccer Talk is released weekly, which offers insight and analysis on the world’s most popular sports league.

If you have suggestions of guests that you’d like to have interviewed in future episodes, please share them in the comments section below.

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3 thoughts on “Interview With Nick Geber: Voices Of Soccer”

  1. Good interview… Although I wished he would have given his opinion on the Gus Johnson fiasco at Fox.

    Love the “my little pony” analogy!!!


  2. Nick and Steve were your sole source for soccer talk for a while during the early years of the EPL boom in the US. It’s now hard to separate the ending of their Fox show and the uproar that occurred from the main body of their work.

    I hope with the passage of time that the wound will heal and they will receive their due for being one of the lone sources of soccer news and talk. Nick points out that the radio and tv show where designed to be a bit over the top and anything goes. That may cause many fans to associate the show with a less than serious effort which it was not as has much of the FSW/FSC efforts have been labeled.

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