BBC’s Match Of The Day Opening for the 2013-14 Season [VIDEO]

One of the highlights of every new season is waiting to find out what the BBC have done with the new opening to their famous Match Of The Day program that airs every Saturday night on British television.

Almost every season they change the opening credits to include the newly promoted teams as well as some of the stars and faces of the Premier League.

This is their 2013/14 edition.

Thoughts? Love it? Disappointed? Let us know what you think of the clip in the comments section below.

2 thoughts on “BBC’s Match Of The Day Opening for the 2013-14 Season [VIDEO]”

  1. The show is awful and lazy at the moment. Analysis is half hearted and generic at best.

    They’ve been shown up for the dinosaurs they are by Sky, Carragher and Neville.

  2. US fans will not need to search the net for it with NBC doing its own version. Actually pretty happy for it. Plus Comcast has it “on demand”

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