Jose Mourinho Gives Wayne Rooney 24 to 48 Hours to Decide His Future

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has given Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney an ultimatum. Stay with United, or tell them you want to leave. And decide one way or another in the next 24-48 hours.

Here’s what Mourinho told the media:

“The person that started the story has to finish the story. For the good of everyone it is time to finish the story.

“One way or another he has to say ‘I want to leave’ or ‘I want to stay.”

When Mourinho was asked how long he was expecting to wait until Rooney announced his decision, Rooney replied “Twenty-four hours, 48 hours.” The Chelsea boss is understood to have other transfer targets on his list including Samuel Eto’o.

Mourinho went on:

“If you look at a manager like me, a club like us and the people who work at the club with me, we are not silly enough to try and get a player from a big club that doesn’t want to sell.

“We are not silly enough to try something if somebody didn’t start it.

“After that, if he wants to leave he has to say – or if he has decided now he doesn’t want to leave any more then he has to say.”

Expect Manchester United to be furious at Mourinho’s words. By doing what Mourinho did, he’s forcing Wayne Rooney to decide whether he wants to put in an official transfer request.

What’s your opinion regarding this breaking story? Has Mourinho crossed the line, or is he doing everything correctly to unsettle Rooney, and to force him out of United and to Chelsea? Will Rooney hand in a transfer request, or is he going to remain a Manchester United footballer this season? Have your say in the comments section below.


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