A Documentary On the Building of Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium [VIDEO]

Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium opened in July, 2006 for Dennis Bergkamp’s testimonial match against Ajax. But the story behind how the stadium was built, within viewing distance of Highbury Stadium, is a fascinating one that many soccer fans, even Arsenal supporters, may not know.

Watch the following documentary entitled ‘Building the Emirates Stadium’ to learn the ins- and outs of how Arsenal’s current home was created.


2 thoughts on “A Documentary On the Building of Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium [VIDEO]”

  1. Ugh, there's nothing to celebrate about that soulless megastadium. It has all the ambiance of a toilet bowl. Let's mourn the loss of a proper ground like Highbury.

    1. I was impressed from the outside when I visited last year but a bit disappointed on the inside.once in the stands its all seats. How they built it in the space they did is a feat.


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