Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 2: Open Thread

In the second weekend of Premier League matches this season, there are seven matches to choose from today culminating in Aston Villa – Liverpool.

After a convincing display by Arsenal in the early kick-off against Fulham, it’s been a rather hit or miss day during the 10am ET/3pm BST timeslots with inspired moments few and far between.

But in the final match of the day, the Premier League came alive with a sensational solo goal by Daniel Sturridge of Liverpool.

Before, during or after today’s matches, join the conversation with fellow soccer supporters in the comments section below.

67 thoughts on “Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 2: Open Thread”

  1. COYG!

    The diffrnce in quality between studio commentary from Arsenal’s midweek Champions League game to today is stark. Fox can’t hold NBCSN’s jock. NBCSN is easier on the eyes, more in-depth and professionally produced.

  2. So, I checked this morning and they did update the Live Extra app. There’s a new update. It has a slightly new interface but here’s the kicker. It doesn’t work. Like…at all. I select a video and it just reverts back to the main screen. At least the previous update showed a little video for maybe even a minute or a few seconds before freezing. NBC needs to get their schit together. This is just embarrassing. A multi million or even billion dollar company can’t make a basic app.

    1. i updated the Live Extra App and I had flawless, HD video for the entire first half without any hiccups or lagging.

      Just to share my situation: I have high speed optimum WiFi and a brand new galaxy s4, which is probably one of the phones they optimized the android app for.

      Great job by NBC on the app.

    2. On another note, I noticed that when NBC was having broadcast problems during the Aston Villa game, they made a brief switch to another feed. I was surprised that the other feed had the BPL broadcasters. I thought NBC was using the BPL broadcasters? Fox did. While the NBC announcers were ok, I recolonized the EPL announcers voices – it was their A team. Would like NBC to use the BPL game announcers.

      1. NBC uses their A-team of commentators for 2-3 games per weekend featuring Arlo White and Graeme Le Saux or Lee Dixon. More details are at

        The commentary that NBC used today when they were having audio technical difficulties is the international feed.

        FOX did the same thing. Most of the games featured the international/world commentary feed, but FOX used Gus Johnson as their commentator for the big games near the end of the season.

        1. Yes I knew that FOX used Gus Johnson towards the end – horrible. I had read FOX wanted an “American” announcer for US audience. Bad decision. I prefer the Int’l/world commentators. Also, why the heck didn’t NBC show the Cardiff-ManCity game? Bd decision. The bad part is that Comcast is only showing HD on demand games. No SD on demand. Not everyone has HD. I know there is a lot of dislike for FOX and in many cases understandable but one thing they did do right is re-show games later in the day and week. I do miss that. I’ll be missing many EPL games this season due to NBC non re-show. I know some might say watch the game online via NBC but my thought is why watch game on a 15-17 computer screen (smaller for tablet) when I have a 46″ Wide Screen TV.

          1. NBC showed Cardiff-Manchester City on Premier League Extra Time and NBC Sports Live Extra.

            You can always plug an HDMI cable from your computer to your big screen TV.

  3. even tho he made that first touch by accident it was a great finish by Giroud. Something arsenal lacked last season is that smooth finish.

    I imagine Gervinho would have missed the net entirely if that ball fell to his feet.

  4. Muggy and close are two English words I’d use to describe the weather in SOT today. There’s a threat of a summer downpour but it’s held off so far.

    I really don’t know what to expect today. 9 seasons out of 10 under one manager and it’s almost like you become institutionalised as to what will happen. My main hope is that we don’t lose the edge that we had under Pulis, nobody patted us on the head because we played nicely and rolled over. We pi55ed people off which, from a Stoke fan’s position, is the preferred place to be. I’d rather be loathed than patronised.

    The media response to Pulis departure is relevant to this too in my opinion. He gave the plenty of air tine and column inches whilst they railed against his methods. Now he’s gone they say we were mad to part company with him. You just can’t win.

    Hopefully Hughes can find his feet and get us ticking over. That said I’m bored being fodder for the top 6. Mid table comfort is all well and good but I don’t pay good money to watch my team be ‘meh’.

    As for today I can’t stand Holloway so I hope we get some dodgy decision to win the game and wind him up. If he’s that bothered about the correct decision always being made he’ll make sure any dodgy calls for Palace are replaced by a drop ball at least.

    Apparently the 3G coverage at The Britannia is much improved so I might be able to post at half time. Depending on the score it may be a single expletive however.

  5. NBC apparently using the BT Sport commentary for this one. Does this mean we might get to hear Ian Darke in the US some this year. Gaffer?

  6. NBC Sports switched up the commentators today and used the BT Sport crew of Darren Fletcher, Michael Owen and Mark Halsey instead of co-commentator Stewart Robson.

    Maybe NBC Sports will televise a game with Ian Darke as commentator after all (he works for BT Sport).

      1. It was either a last minute decision, or the audio feed with Stewart Robson was not available on time, so they had to switch to the BT Sport feed.

  7. Perfect strike by Podolski!

    Arsenal have made the big defensive stops and converted their few chances forward into goals. Efficient Arsenal.

  8. Maybe NBC is having issues getting the commentary from the world feed and are using the BT Sport feed as a back up? I’d be so stoked if NBCSN used Sir Ian’s commentary this season when NBC’s own commentary team isn’t being used.

  9. Just found out that TWC is showing Extra time live on there TWC APP they have 6 channels listed with today’s games shown.

    I dont see it on my cable (los Angeles/Orange County)

    but maybe for other TWC check out the app it might be nationwide

    1. Interesting find-thanks. I am in ohio and don’t have the channels on my cable and I see the same-the channels are in the app. Will check in an hr and see if the matches are actually shown.

      We’ve never used the app but have it loaded on one Android tab-

  10. I haven’t had my coffee yet but did I see Crystal Palace players with Nike presentation gear on, on their way to their changing rooms?

    Is Avec too broke to make anything other than their match day shirts?

  11. Gaffer – just out of curiosity….what feed is that screenshot of the first goal celebration from? Premier League scoreline and badge with Fox Sports 1 live logo?

    And memo to NBCSN – save some money and just go with the UK commentary. So what if you have to broadcast one BT Sport promo per half? This is brilliant!

      1. That picture is from the EPL International feed being shown on Fox Sports 1 Australia (which has existed for many years before FS1 in the US launched last weekend)

          1. Adam Peacock hosts FS1 Aust’s EPL coverage. He’s a good host so he doesn’t fit into Fox’s ‘fun’ factor required to be a host on FS1 US

  12. My excitement that the Extra Time channels showed up on the guide of my cable box yesterday has been tempered somewhat this morning by the fact that none of the extra time channels seem to be broadcasting anything. This is on Cox in Omaha.

  13. Millwall’s kit-man forgot their kit today. They will be playing in Sheffield Wednesday’s away kit from last season… You had ONE JOB.

  14. Southampton playing some great passing, but its frustrating that it always seems to build to a long ball/high cross into the box. Its like they just cant get that last bit English uselessness out of their system.

    And as i type Ward-Prowse makes a great dribbling run and almost scores.

  15. Awesome day so far – Comcast put up the Extra Time Channels in the Twin Cities at 9.10 – 20 minutes late – and they would not work as it said coming soon. This is the 2nd week in the row they have screwed this up here.

    And on NBC we don’t have a pre-game to the main fixture on that channel – we have to watch on NBCSN until it says turn over as our local station has local programming until 11.30 …. dumb.

    I much prefer NBC to FOX but they need to fix these problems.

      1. I will speak to Comcast on Monday. I have tried to day and can’t get anyone to comprehend what Premier League Extra time is. Last weekend everyone was on the ball.

        1. i had the same problem in the Northwest.Comcast has dropped the ball big time.tried to tell me it was PPV and the other person tried to pass it off to FSC.

  16. Absolutely shocking first half. I’m not interested in watching us tip and tap it around like Swansea, West Brom or Arsenal.

    We’re Stoke, we’re dirty, we’re northern; and we f*@k you up! We’re not fancy, nancy boys who think we’re sophisticated because our manager wears a jumper and tie under his jacket, speaks with a European accent and squats on the touchline like a German Shepherd squeezing out a turtle’s head.

    Highlights, Speroni’s save from Crouch, the goals and Nzonzi’s piledriver against the post.

    6 out of 10, must work harder and get more bookings.

      1. First thing I said to my old man when we kicked off was what minute do you think Adam will get booked.

        Oussadi (sp) the Moroccan winger from Liverpool was down there today.

        This season’s offering from Adidas is truly awful. Can’t wait to get rid of them.

  17. Major issues with the feed, keeps cutting out and jumping backwards and forwards in time.

    Looks like they just switched feeds, no longer Arlo

  18. I was able to watch Extra Time channels today – Cox in Virginia channels 171 to 175. All in HD! It was really weird to have all in HD since Cox in my area has all HD channels in 1000s.

  19. The audio and video are synced up correctly again on the NBC 12:30pm broadcast. Arlo White called the save by Mignolet before we even saw him get his hand on the ball. Frustrating.

  20. Ya Gaff I noticed the out of sync audio on that save as well. Very annoying indeed. They were also having problems with the picture throughout the game. It was going in and out and at one point went black. When it came back I had different commentators.

    Overall not a big deal its still only the second week so I’m sure they’ll sort it all out. I think NBCs coverage in general has been unreal. People who never watched the EPL or soccer in general are starting to notice because of the widespread coverage. I’m the only one who watches soccer out of my buddies but with the EPL being on tv all the time now they are catching the bug as well and getting into it big time. They all picked there teams to support and are waking up early to watch the games. That is a direct result of NBCs great coverage.

    1. Glad to hear that new fans are coming on board. The Premier League is more accessible this season than ever before.

  21. After today’s performance by Newcastle I think Pardew might be the first manager to get fired.

    Aston Villa lose again but should have got at least a draw. Liverpool were just as poor in the 2nd half as they were good in the 1st. Liverpool are still a couple of quality signings away from challenging for top 4.

    Wenger can rest a little easier after today’s win. Let’s see if he still buys a striker.

  22. I am a gutted that Fulham got stung by Arsenal’s goals like they did. Deadly counter attacks. I hate that. First Arsenal goal, how lucky can you get it. Meh, onto next week !

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