Parma FC Unveil Home Shirt to Celebrate 100-Year Anniversary [PHOTOS]

Serie A club Parma unveiled their centenary shirt this week to celebrate 100 years of the club being in existence.

The special edition home shirt will only be worn one time, on December 15 against Cagliari — which is almost 100 years to the day when Parma was founded.

The Parma centenary shirt is an exact replica of the same shirt that Parma wore 100 years ago.

According to the Parma FC website:

“Following extensive research through the photographic archives of Parma Football, we have designed an exact replica of the shirt from 16 December 1913.

“Of course, in the early 1900’s there were no synthetic fabrics or dyes, and so this shirt has been made using pure wool in its natural white form. The fabric used is woven on looms which are the same as those used in that period and has a natural elasticity thanks to the low number of turns that these machines have. Good things come to those who wait.

“The shirts are stitched using the same chain stitching machines that were present at that time, to ensure a genuinely antique look. Only when work is done with love and passion can you produce something ‘authentic’.

“As tradition dictates, the first shirt of Parma is a White and Black cross.

“The shirts at that time had a small “French style” open collar, which was closed using laces. The black cross had very specific dimensions and was applied by first soling on the verticle stripe, followed by the horizontal stripe which went all the way around. The sleeves were long with a black cuff. Timelessly elegant.

“The celebration shirt of Parma Calcio is not only considered to be “Made in Italy”, but thanks to the fact that it has been conceived, designed and made all in the same city, it can be proudly declared to ‘Made in Parma.’

“With this shirt Erreà are privileged to represent the quintessential nature of the province, its reputation and its traditions.

“We dedicate this shirt to those who, day after day, have lived the history of Parma to those who have loved and who continue to love these colours, this team and this city.”

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